Toby Simkin Broadway Theatre Producer and Live Entertainment Executive

Live Entertainment Executive

Toby Simkin is a Live Entertainment Executive from down under with 4 decades of award-winning Broadway / West End experience and a proven track record in all aspects of commercial theatre show, marketing & event production & operations globally, on the majority of our globes continents.  [More…]

Consulting in education, shows, theatre design & management

Show Production

Show Production

Developing and producing all aspects of shows from blank page to final curtain to maximize commercial quality & success.

Venue Design

Theatre Venue Design

Advising real estate developers and theatre owners in theatre design leading to operating efficiencies & maximizing profit.

Theatre Teaching Education

Theatrical Education

Aimed at developing on and off stage talent in world-class theatrical practices to create highly talented, motivated and creatively experienced talent pools.

Theatre Management

Theatre Management

Very experienced in theatre management with extensive experience in the development of commercially proven operations detailed by a specific written report.

Originator and keeper of global Theatre History and Theatrical Oddities

I am very, very, very, experienced


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Toby Simkin Broadway London Australia

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