Fuzhou Map StreetsFuzhou (福州) is an old port city, Marco Polo visited it. In the 19th century, it exported more tea than any other Chinese port. Today, it is the provincial capital and administrative center, and also a major center for light industry.  The capital of Fujian Province, is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,100 years.

The first city wall of Fuzhou was built in 202 BC when Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, gave permission to Wuzhu (无诸), the king of Minyue, to set up his capital in Fuzhou. The city was named Ye (冶), meaning “the beautiful”. The city name has changed many times, but the city itself has been continuously occupied since 202 BC and has never suffered major destruction by wars or natural disasters.

The city is on the Min River, a few km inland from the ocean. There are many mountains and waterfalls nearby, with sandy beaches in the coastal areas.  Nike, Adidas, Reebok and others have factories here.


  • West Lake Park (西湖公园), (Walk over a causeway to this park on an island in West Lake, located right in the middle of Fuzhou). Attractive urban lake built in 282 AD in the center of Fuzhou has been a tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Rent paddle or electric boats and explore the lake. Walk over the arching footbridge to to the Fuzhou Science Museum, a small but nice museum featuring dinosaurs. Or, walk around the lake itself, it is surrounded by sidewalks and a boardwalk. As of spring, 2012 they also have Pandas in an enclosure.
  • Wuyi Square (五一广场). A central square with a huge statue of Mao. Visit at dawn or dusk to watch the ceremonial raising or lowering of the flag by highly trained and immaculate soldiers. Or visit at 6AM-8AM or late on weekends to watch at least half a dozen of martial arts, both armed and unarmed, being practiced. The founder of Uechi-ryu karate, Uechi Kanbun, spent 13 years in Fuzhou, from 1897 to 1910. There are a group on the East side of the park who say their style is what he studied.
  • Fuzhou Sanfang3 Lanes 7 Seven Alleys (三坊七巷) – Sanfang Qixiang, (a block West of Dong Jie Kou). This historic district in the heart of the city is one of the largest historic downtown areas in China, boa