Australia the deadliest place on earth?

Australian Spider Chart… my homeland…   home to some of the deadliest species known to man.  

There are close to 520 extremely venomous snakes, spiders, insects, marine life and animals in the land down under.  Most of the most venomous spiders and snakes in the world live on or under the sunburnt country or oceans surrounding our island of Oz…

From a very young age, we are taught what to look for, how to deal with, and how to respect our most incredible wildlife.

Deadly Australia’s everything

The letter S… personally, it’s the 4 s‘s… snakes, spiders, sharks and sun that freak me out the most:

  • Australian Snakes Chart🐍 21 of the 25 world’s most venomous snake species can be found in the outback as well as in the city, in shops, homes or toilets. All 31 Australian sea snakes are venomous.
  • 🕷 The majority of the world’s deadly species of spiders live in Australia, many very common to city living.
  • 🦈 Sharks can be found in both oceans and rivers. Special shark nets are placed off beaches to protect swimmers, but every year people die from shark attacks.
  • ☀️ The Sun – Australia lies under a hole in the ozone layer, and ultraviolet rays burn the skin like nothing else. That’s why Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

Here are just some of the highlights:

Australia Deadly Animals 002 Bull shark

Found worldwide in coastal waters, you’re most likely to come across the bull shark in estuaries, harbors and rivers.  It’s a very good scavenger, as well as a predator, so you certainly don’t want to be swimming near any dead animal or fish carcasses. It’s also responsible for most of the dogs that go missing from the water.

Australia Deadly Animals 004 Mainland tiger snake

Found along the SE coast, from NSW and VIC to TAS , including metro Melbourne.  Mainland tiger snakes are responsible for the 2nd highest number of bites in Australia.  They are banded, with stripes varying in color from pale yellow to black along a solid body that can grow to 2m. When threatened, they flatten their necks and strike low to the ground.  Bites are fatal if untreated, causing pain in the feet & neck, tingling, numbness & sweating, followed by breathing difficulties & paralysis. The venom also damages the blood & muscles, leading to renal failure.

Australia Deadly Animals 006 Box Jellyfish

These extremely poisonous, spineless, floating blue translucent fish are camouflaged, so you cannot see them in the water. They are the most venomous marine animals known to mankind, and their sting is typically fatal. Found around northern beaches all year round. It has 4 distinct sides.  Human encounters occur most often when the box jellyfish comes close to shore to breed.  A sting can be unbelievably painful. The venom is designed to paralyze, so it immobilizes your nerves and affects breathing and movement. Can cause cardiac arrest and death within minutes.

Australia Deadly Animals 008 Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

The funnel-web spider, is one of the most venomous on th