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Shanghai Little White ransomPets in China

Xiao Bai (Little White)

We have had the sheer joy of taking care of possibly the most loving and well-trained puppy we’ve encountered in our lifetimes (including our own darling pets) over the past week.

This was the second time for us with “Little White” — the first time in December 2020.

So much joy was had again, we sent a fake ransom note to his owners before returning.  Today we are doing the same again.  We don’t want her to leave.

Some pets are amazing with often unconditional love, cuddles and joy.

Shanghai Little White Feb 2021 Shanghai Little White Feb 2021

Which reminds me of some unusual pet experiences in China….

Amazing Pets in China

Mostly from our years in Beijing and Shanghai

China is full of adventures and amazing sights, from chinglish to fakes and also pets.  here is a sample…

Walking-Alpaca Walking Alpaca Walking Bird