InTheater Magazine

InTheater Magazine

In the late ’90’s I negotiated an investment deal to try and save InTheater Magazine from shutdown.  The proposal was to move their offices into mine (cheaper space), retain editorial and photography staff, increase North American staff presence in major cities, find a cheaper, more central printer (not the publishers family printer), within a year achieve a 40% digital/60% print strategy, evolving over 10 years to 70% digital/30% print strategy with an emphasis on visuals.  Sadly, it was not accepted.  The magazine folded. Some good and talented people lost their jobs.

Prior to that, I had established a web presence for InTheater as part of my larger buy business, using snippets and features where the lackluster magazine family management would agree to provide content and I would use that content to try and drive subscription sales to them.  I also hired leading theatre journalist Ken Mandelbaum to write exclusively for the InTheater site.

I guess in hindsight, this was the moment of confluence of print vs. digital…  I was ahead of my time, they were behind the times.

Sadly, a loss for the Broadway and theatre industry in general.

As Founder and CEO of and  The pioneer in moving the Broadway industry onto the internet.  What started in 1989 as a service called ShowCall via dialup BBS for members of the League of American Theatre Producers evolved onto the world wide web in 1993, and shortly after this,  the vast majority of Broadway shows (starting with Victor/Victoria) and theatrical organizations followed.