Private Island retirement dream

To retire on custom built luxury island

Retirement Private Island Yacht ExamplesThe ability to escape to your own private island isn’t a new fantasy, but it’s now available in ways we never dreamed possible.

My retirement dream is to live in controlled isolation, where I choose who to be near, on a private floating island, either man-made (using a barge as a base), or existing island, on the eastern side of the Philippines or in the gulf of Thailand, protected from typhoons, within a bay, but still nearby supply shops and fine dining.

IF on land, potentially to double as a B&B or ultra luxury boutique resort.  In either case, the ultra luxury and high tech home to be self-contained and self-sustaining, with its own power (solar & wind) source, salt water treatment facility, rain catchment, sewage treatment, broadband internet all within a natural setting, on, or attached, to the water with relatively close access to shopping by boat.

My concept designs below indicate the renovation of barge or small ship, to establish a floating private island in a theatrical way.

  • The palm trees are actually steel columns, concealing solar power, rain water catchment, satellite internet, radar and GPS systems.  The astro turf leading down to natural sand provides for both look and air lock between living quarters and outdoors, to assist heat/air control blanketing.  The island maintains boat dock for guests and incidental island shopping.
  • Within the core steel structure above water level and under the astro turf “hill” is a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom home with spacious living and dining area leading to a huge covered patio and sandy beach, along with a gourmet kitchen with large pantry, cold & frozen storage. The master bedroom also contains a large walk-in wardrobe with private patio leading to pool. Additionally, above water line is a large office and supply storage room, swimming pool and adjoining hot tub.
  • Below water line, with the hull, the structure contains carefully engineered electrical, communication, solar battery systems, along with water de-salinization plant, fresh water supply, rain water storage, sewage treatment plant, long term storage, and turbine engines for mobility.
  • The island can be moved during typhoon seasons accordingly.  To conform to local regulations in the Philippines, the moveable island requires a designated “captain”, so there are also crew quarters, bathroom and living space for the captain and the season part time crew supporting the captain for the manual moves and maintenance. The ships bridge (to navigate, control & operate the ship) is located above the office, within the grassy knoll at the bow of the ship.

Toby's Design for Retirement Private Island built atop a barge

Private Island Dream Barge plan
Private Island Dream Barge section