Toby Santa Claus Daily Diary 2020

Toby Santa Claus2020 Santa’s diary entries

My 4 Stages of life:

       🎅🏼  I believe in Santa
       🎅🏼  I don’t believe in Santa
       🎅🏼  I look like Santa
       🎅🏼  I am Santa

Dear Diary - So begins my annual diary of daily eventsMy annual daily Santa diary of events 🎅🏼²⁰²⁰ 

This year, despite major events, I’ve undertaken to give my friends an unedited, no holds barred glimpse into my crazy month ahead of joy, exploits, travails and antics, as I prepare for my big night.

Be warned, it starts out badly, but of course has a happy ending.

  1. Re-planning Dec 25 due to 2020Re-planning Dec 25 due to 2020 🎅🏼²⁰²⁰

    Apprehensively looking back at 2020’s uncontrolled coronavirus; floods; hurricanes; USA lack of gun control; plagues of locusts; earthquakes; India vs China conflict; ice storms; anti-vaxxers; unemployment; lockdown rioting; USA racism; BREXIT madness; Calabasas helicopter crash; USA COVID-19 death toll; assassinations; Australian bushfires; tornados; conspiracy theorists; Tokyo Olympics cancellation; bankruptcy; immigration detentions; hail storms; covidiot protesting; California wildfires; Presidential election nightmare and general USA distress.Despite Melania’s hatred of things happy this season, I am determined to do my best to drop presents from my sleigh at a socially distant height to homes over much of the USA, and WILL endeavor to continue to deliver personally in the rest of the world as usual.

    ❄︎ ❅ ❅ ❆⛄️❆ ❅ ❅ ❄︎

  2. My 2020 portrait gift from Chief Elf DJA gift from Chief Elf DJ of my 2020 portrait 🎅🏼²⁰²⁰ 

    Sadly, it seems that the artist captured an appropriate likeness of me for 2020. Hung by the chimney with care, takes on a more literal meaning this year. Goal for 2021: less solo drinking in my workshop — the soft toys wreak of scotch and nicotine lately.

    ❄︎ ❅ ❅ ❆⛄️❆ ❅ ❅ ❄︎