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Titanic (Broadway)

Titanic (Broadway & Tour)

TITANIC with a story & book by Peter Stone and music & lyrics by Maury Yeston opened on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on April 23rd 1997 and played through March 21st, 1999 achieving 26 previews and 804 performances.

Produced by Dodger Endemol Theatricals, Richard S. Pechter and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Directed by Richard Jones; Choreographed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett; Action Movement Coordinator: Rick Sordelet; Scenic and Costume Design by Stewart Laing; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Steve Canyon Kennedy; Wig Design by Ray Marston; Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick and Musical Director: Kevin Stites later replaced by David Holcenberg.

Starring Adam Alexi-Malle (Quartermaster Robert Hichens, Crew / Bandsman Bricoux, Crew / 3rd Class Passenger), Becky Ann Baker (Charlotte Cardoza, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Matthew Bennett (3rd Officer Herbert J. Pitman, Officer / The Major, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Judith Blazer (Caroline Neville, 2nd Class Passenger), John Bolton (2nd Officer Charles Lightoller, Officer / 2nd Class Passenger), Bill Buell (Edgar Beane, 2nd Class Passenger), Michael Cerveris (Thomas Andrews, 1st Class Passenger), Victoria Clark (Alice Beane, 2nd Class Passenger), Mindy Cooper (Edith Corse Evans, 1st Class Passenger / 2nd Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Allan Corduner (Henry Etches, 1st Class Steward, crew), David Costabile (1st Officer William Murdoch, Officer / 2nd Class Passenger), Alma Cuervo (Ida Straus, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), John Cunningham (Capt. E. J. Smith), Lisa Datz (Madeline Astor, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), David Elder (Frederick Fleet, Lookout, crew / 1st Class Passenger / 2nd Class Passenger), David Garrison (Bruce Ismay, 1st Class Passenger), Jody Gelb (Eleanor Widener, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Kimberly Hester (Mme. Aubert, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Erin Hill (1st Class Passenger / Kate Mullins, 3rd Class Passenger), Robin Irwin (Marion Thayer, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Brian d’Arcy James (Frederick Barrett, Stoker, crew), Larry Keith (Isidor Straus, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Joseph Kolinski (Benjamin Guggenheim, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Charles McAteer (Jack Thayer, 1st Class Passenger), Theresa McCarthy (Broadway Debut, 1st Class Passenger / Kate Murphey, 3rd Class Passenger), Martin Moran (Harold Bride, Radioman, crew), Michael Mulheren (John B. Thayer, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Stephanie Park (Stewardess Hutchinson, Crew), Jennifer Piech (1st Class Passenger / Kate McGowen, 3rd Class Passenger), Michele Ragusa (Stewardess Robinson, Crew), Ted Sperling (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell / Wallace Hartley, Orchestra Leader / 3rd Class Passenger), Mara Stephens (Bellboy, Crew / 3rd Class Passenger), Don Stephenson (Charles Clarke, 2nd Class Passenger), Henry Stram (George Widener, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger / Frank Carlson, On Shore), Andy Taylor (4th Officer Joseph Boxhall, Officer / Bandsman Taylor, Crew, H. Rogers, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger), Clarke Thorell (1st Class Passenger / Jim Farrell, 3rd Class Passenger) and William Youmans (J. Astor, 1st Class Passenger / 3rd Class Passenger)

Swings: Melissa Bell, Jonathan Brody, John Jellison, Drew McVety and Kay Walbye

Understudies: Melissa Bell (Kate Mullins, Kate Murphey, Mme. Aubert, Madeline Astor), Matthew Bennett (J. Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews), John Bolton (Harold Bride, 1st Officer William Murdoch), Jonathan Brody (Frederick Fleet, Chief Engineer Joseph Bell, Wallace Hartley, 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller, Quartermaster Robert Hichens, Jim Farrell, George Widener, John B. Thayer, Benjamin Guggenheim), David Costabile (J. Bruce Ismay, Henry Etches), Lisa Datz (Kate McGowen, Caroline Neville), Jody Gelb (Alice Beane, Ida Straus), John Jellison (4th Officer Joseph Boxhall, J. H. Rogers, 3rd Officer Herbert J. Pitman, The Major, Capt. E. J. Smith, Edgar Beane, J. J. Astor, Isidor Straus, George Widener, John B. Thayer, Benjamin Guggenheim), Peter Kapetan (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell, Wallace Hartley, 1st Officer William Murdoch, J. Bruce Ismay, Edgar Beane, J. J. Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, John B. Thayer), Joseph Kolinski (Capt. E. J. Smith, Thomas Andrews), Theresa McCarthy (Kate McGowen, Caroline Neville), Drew McVety (Frederick Barrett, Harold Bride, Quartermaster Robert Hichens, 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall, J. H. Rogers, Jim Farrell), Henry Stram (Henry Etches), Andy Taylor (Frederick Barrett, 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller, Charles Clarke) and Kay Walbye (Eleanor Widener, Marion Thayer, Charlotte Cardoza, Ida Straus, Alice Beane).

Assistant Director: Michael Sexton; Assistant Choreographer: Lisa Shriver; Associate Scenic Design: Guy Nicholson; Assistant Scenic Design: David Gallo; Associate Costume Design: Scott Traugott; Assistant Costume Design: Laurie A. Churba; Assistant to Mr. Laing: Beth Levine, Alan Smith and Michael Zecker; Associate Lighting Design: David Weiner and Vivien Leone; Assistant Lighting Design: Paul Miller, Michael Baldassari and Douglas Cox; Assistant to Mr. Gallo: Maura Sheridan; Moving Light Programmer: Paul J. Sonnleitner and Assistant Sound Design: John Shivers.

General Manager: Dodger Management Group (Sally Campbell Morse, Robert C. Strickstein); Associate General Manager: Robert C. Strickstein; Company Manager: Steven H. David later replaced by David Jannone and Assistant Company Manager: Matthew Shepherd later replaced by Matthew D. Olin.

Technical Supervisor: Aurora Productions; Production Stage Manager: Susan Green later replaced by Jane Grey; Stage Manager: Richard Hester later replaced by Rick Steiger and J. P. Elins; Assistant Stage Manager: Leigh Catlett and Heather Cousens later replaced by Richard Rauscher and Amy Marsico; Substitute Stage Managers included Tracy Crum, Lynda J. Fox and R. Wade Jackson.

Casting: Hughes / Moss Casting; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing Consultant Margery Singer; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin; Dialect Coach: Deborah Hecht; Dance Captain: Mindy Cooper later replaced by Peter Kapetan; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Press Associate: Amy Jacobs and Susanne Tighe

Musical Supervisor: Kevin Stites; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Kevin Stites later replaced byMatthew Sklar; Associate Conductor: Matthew Sklar later replaced by Dan Riddle; Assistant Conductor: Nicholas Archer later replaced by Zina Goldrich; Concert Master: Joel Pitchon; Woodwinds: Les Scott, David Kossoff, Steven Kenyon, John J. Mosesand John Campo; Trumpet: Brian O’Flaherty and Wayne J. du Maine; French Horn: Theresa MacDonnell and Michael Ishii; Trombone: Keith O’Quinn and Jeffrey Nelson; Percussion: Charles Descarfino and Dave Ratajczak; Violin: Carol Zeavin, Naomi Katz, Xin Zhou, Andrea Schultz and Avril Brown; Viola: Kenneth Burward-Hoy and Sally Shumway; Cello: Eugene Briskin and Sarah Seiver; Bass: Gregg August; Keyboard: Matthew Sklar and Nicholas Archer; On-Stage Trio: Ted Sperling, Adam Alexi-Malle and Andy Taylorlater replaced by Sean McCourt, Matthew R. Jones, David Rossmer and Drew McVety; Music Preparation: Peter R. Miller; Synthesizer Programmer: Bruce Samuels.

Other musician later replacements included Violin: Martin Agee and Alexander Vselensky; Keyboards: Fred Lassen, Dan Riddle and Zina Goldrich;; French Horn: Alexandra Cook; Woodwinds: Melanie Bradford and Barry Nudelman; Trumpet: Raymond Riccomini; Trombone: Timothy Sessions and