His Eminence Toby, Bishop of China Xi'an

The Gaylivant Bishop of China

Bishop Gaylivant of ChinaYou should now be referencing me as His Regal Eminence, the Gaylivant Bishop of China, since, as dictated by Chinese law and tradition, in an atheist country, the most senior person in the company is the person who performs the marriage ceremony if one of his/her staff get engaged.

I was the most senior person — the General Manager & Executive Director of the Shaanxi Qinhuang Grand Theatre at the time.

As the fake bishop of Xi’an, I had to officiate the wedding ceremony at the Terra Cotta museum site to marry one of my staff working on a show I was developing called China’s First Emperor.  A young dancer/choreographer and his bride to be, a local girl that was a tour guide at the Terra Cotta museum wanted to marry.

Neither of them spoke any English.

First, I had to give official approval for their wedding so that they could register their loving desire with the government.

A couple of months later, as the fake Bishop Gaylivant of Xi’an, I had to perform the legal binding marriage bit in Chinese, so it involved a lot of ‘sounds like’ rehearsal with my interpreters.


Huān Yíng Dà Jiā De Guāng Lín
[HuangYing DaJaa De GuangLing]
Welcome everyone

Wǒ Mén Jīn Tīan Qí Jù Yì Táng
[WarMen JinTien QiJewYiTang]
we are gathered here today

Gòng Tóng Jìan Zhèng  Qìng  Hè Xú Xīn  Hé
[GongTong GienJung QingHe XuXin He]
witness and celebrate the joining of XuXin and

Guō Yíng Yíng Xǐ Jíe Líang  Yúan
[GwohYingYing XiGe-airLiangYuan]
Guo Yingying in marriage.

With love and commitment, they have decided to live together as husband and wife.

Do you XuXin, take Guo Yingying, to be your partner in life; equal in love, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad, until death do you part?


Do you Guo Yingying, take XuXin, to be your partner in life; equal in love, promising to honor and cherish, through good times and bad, until death do you part?


Rings are symbols that love is the most precious element in your life together.  The ring has no beginning and no ending… the love between you will never cease.

Now place these rings upon each others fingers as a visible sign of love, which will make you husband and wife.


Wǒ Xìan Zài Zhèng Shì Xuān Bù Nǐ Mén Jíe Wéi Fū Qī 
[Wo ChienZai JungShur ChuenBu NiMan GierWayFuQi]
I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.

Qǐng Xīn Láng Qīn Wěn Xīn Niáng
[Qing XinLang QinWhen XinNiang]
You may now kiss.


Xīan Shēng Men Nŭ Shì Men
[NuSheMen ShienShengMen]
Ladies and Gentlemen

Wǒ Xìang Nǐ Men Lóng Zhòng Jìe Shào
[Wo SheAngNiMen LongJong JiarShao]
I present to you

Xú Xīan Shēng Xú Tài Tài
[Xu ChienSheng Xu Tai Tai]
Mr and Mrs Xu 

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