China guide head packing

Pack light and warm (remember domestic airline luggage limits of total of 20kg), Many times you’ll be forced to carry your luggage up & down stairs — for instance in subway stations and train stations.  If possible, consider ultra-light 4 way roller suitcase.

Anticipate bringing home (lots of) gifts and shopping.

Bring deodorant — it’s not commonly used in China (a fact which you’ll quickly discover when you find yourself in a crowd!) and therefore the choices – if there are any – are quite scarce.

All the 4/5 star hotels as a matter of course supply international quality shampoos, soaps, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, ear buds, etc… So you don’t need to bring as much heavy toiletries.  You also don’t need to bring a hair dryer – every hotel has them.

Remember to bring adapter plugs and any a power converters you may need. Electrical system in China is 220 volts. You MUST bring a camera (unless you have a later model iPhone) — preferably a digital with lots of memory (and a charger!), and prepare to take a ton of photos.

Bring any medicines you need, along with a copy of the prescription.  Bring Aspirin, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamines, remedy for diarrhea and antacid. Keep all of them in the original containers. Also bring your medical history (blood group, allergies and known medical conditions along with the contact information for each of your doctors) and keep in your suitcase (and give a copy to your company manager). This will be helpful if you need to see a doctor or become incapacitated. China law requires that you present a letter from your doctor indicating the need for the use of any psychotropic medicines you might be taking. Bring antibiotics and any other prescriptions you will have to take during your travel. Count enough for your days of travel, plus a few spare days or weeks. Bring all of this in the original prescription container.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) website