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Victor/Victoria (Broadway) Poster

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Victor/Victoria, a musical comedy, premiered in out-of-town tryout at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June 1995.  After another tryout at the Shubert Theatre in Chicago, Illinois from July to September 1995, Victor/Victoria opened on Broadway on October 25, 1995 at the Marquis Theatre, and closed on July 27, 1997, ran for 734 performances and 25 paid previews (previews began on October 3, 1995).

Book by Blake Edwards; Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; Composed by Henry Mancini; Additional Music by Frank Wildhorn [“Trust Me,” “Louie Says,” and “Living in the Shadows“]; Produced by Blake Edwards, Tony Adams, John Scher, Jeff Rowland; Executive Produced by Robin De Levita; Associate Produced by Joop Van Den Ende, Headquarters Entertainment Corp. [Tina Vanderheyden & Toby Simkin], TDI, Inc. and Ogden Entertainment.

Directed by Blake Edwards; Choreographed by Rob Marshall; Musical Direction by Ian Fraser; Fight Direction by B. H. Barry; Set Design by Robin Wagner; Costume Design by Willa Kim; Lighting Design by Jules Fisher & Peggy Eisenhauer; Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald; Hair Design by Michaeljohn; Special Effects by J.C. Brotherhood; Orchestrations by Billy Byers; Vocal Arrangements by Ian Fraser; Dance Arrangements by David Krane; Music Coordination by John Miller; Music Copying by Larry Abel and Music Concert Master: Dale Stuckenbruck.

STARRING Julie Andrews (Victoria Grant) [Opening until Jan 6-Feb 2, then back until Jun 8, 1997]; Liza Minnelli (Victoria Grant) [Jan 7, 1997 – Feb 2, 1997]; Raquel Welch (Victoria Grant) [Jun 10, 1997 – Jul 27, 1997]; Michael Nouri (King Marchan); Tony Roberts (Carroll Todd); Michael Cripe (Richard Di Nardo); Adam Heller (Henri Labisse); Gregory Jbara (Squash (Mr. Bernstein)); Richard B. Shull (André Cassell); Rachel York (Norma Cassidy) with Roxane Barlow (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Michael-Demby Cain (Les Boy / Jazz Hot Musician / Ensemble); Caitlin Carter (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Pascale Faye (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Angelo Fraboni (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Jazz Hot Musician / Ensemble); Amy Heggins (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Christopher Innvar (Choreographer); Ken Land (Sal Andretti); Darren Lee (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Ensemble); Mark Lotito (Clam); Aixa M. Rosario Medina (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Casey Nicholaw (Gregor / Jazz Hot Ensemble / Juke); Tara O’Brien (Street Singer / Ensemble); Michael O’Donnell (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Ensemble); Cynthia Onrubia (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble); Vince Pesce (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Ensemble); Arte Phillips (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Jazz Hot Musician / Ensemble); Devin Richards (Jazz Singer / Ensemble); Jennifer Smith (Madame Roget / Chambermaid / Ensemble); Cynthia Sophiea (Miss Selmer / Ensemble); Rocker Verastique (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Jazz Hot Musician / Ensemble); George Dudley (Reporter  / Clam); Ken Land (Deviant Husband / Reports); Michele Lynch (Simone Kalisto / Ensemble); Cynthia Sophiea (Cosmetic Company President / Guest #2); Leslie Bell (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble) [replacement]; Neal Benari (Ensemble) [replacement]; Bill Burns (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Jazz Hot Musician / Ensemble) [replacement]; Christiane Farr-Wersinger (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble) [replacement]; Todd Hunter (Jazz Singer / Ensemble) [replacement]; Peter Lentz (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Ensemble) [replacement]; Kimberly Lyon (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble) [replacement];Julio Monge (Ensemble) [replacement]; Troy Myers (Ensemble) [replacement]; Tara O’Brien (Norma Cassidy ) [replacement]; Mason Roberts (Gregor / Stagehand / Juke / Ensemble) [replacement]; Linda Romoff (Madame Roget / Reporter / Chambermaid / Guest #1) [replacement]; Tom Sardinia (Squash (Mr. Bernstein) ) [replacement]; Paul Schoeffler (Choreographer) [replacement]; Leslie Stevens (Norma’s Girl / Ensemble) [replacement]; Brian Sutherland (Choreographer / Guest) [replacement]; Scott Taylor (Les Boy / Apache Dancer / Ensemble) [replacement]; Sally Ann Tumas (Street Singer) [replacement] and Scott Wise (Ensemble) [replacement]. Hillel Gitter (Balloon Man – Minneapolis/Chicago and Broadway Previews)

WITH Anne Runolfsson (Standby for Victoria Grant); Alex Wipf (Standby for Carroll Todd); Roxane Barlow (Understudy for Norma Cassidy); Michael-Demby Cain (Understudy for Jazz Singer); Caitlin Carter (Understudy for Norma Cassidy); Angelo Fraboni (Understudy for Richard Di Nardo); Christopher Innva (Understudy for King Marchan); Paul Schoeffler (Understudy for King Marchan) [replacement]; Neal Benari (Understudy for King Marchan) [replacement]; Ken Land (Understudy for Carroll Todd); Mark Lotito (Understudy for Sal Andretti / Squash (Mr. Bernstein)); Casey Nicholaw (Understudy for Henri Labisse); Tara O’Brien (Understudy for Victoria Grant); Jennifer Smith (Understudy for Street Singer); Mark S. Hoebee (Swing); Elizabeth Mozer (Swing); Scott Taylor (Swing); Robert M. Armitage (Swing) [replacement]; Rob Ashford (Swing) [replacement]; Joanne Manning (Swing) [replacement].

NOTE: Anne Runnolfson shared the role of Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews, performed all matinees of the Broadway run and replaced Julie Andrews to standing ovations for all performances during Julie Andrews’ illness. As Broadway stand-by for Julie Andrews, Liza Minnelli and Raquel Welch, Anne Runnolfson performed the role of Victoria Grant in Victor/Victoria more than 120 times.

ORCHESTRA Conducted by Ian Fraser, Joseph Thalken, [replacement]; Associate Conductor: Joseph Thalken; Associate Conductor: Ethyl Will, [replacement]; Keyboards Joseph Thalken,Benjamin Herman (Percussion); Perry Cavari (Drums); Richard Sarpola (Bass); Diane Barere (Cello); Rebekah Johnson (Violin); Karl Kawahara (Violin); Karen M. Karlsrud (Violin); Richard Spencer (Viola); Bob Rose (Guitar); Jim Pugh (Trombone); George Flynn (Trombone); John Frosk (Trumpet); Danny Cahn (Trumpet); Hollis Burridge (Trumpet); Edward Joffe (Woodwinds); Albert Regni (Woodwinds); Dan Wieloszynski (Woodwinds); Kenneth Dybisz (Woodwinds); John Campo (Woodwinds) and Charlie Giordano (Accordion)

Creative Assistant to Ms. Kim: Richard Schurkamp; Creative Assistant to Mr. Marshall: Kathleen Marshall; Assistant Set Designer Thomas Peter Sarr, Douglas Huszti, Atkin Pace & David Peterson; Associate Costume Designer: Frank Krenz; Assistant Costume Designer: Daniele Hollywood; Costume Shopper: Emma Stevenson & Elizabeth Hope Clancy; Assistant Lighting Designer: David J. Lander & Jeffrey Whitsett; Vari*Lite Consultant: Tom Ceiner; Assistant Sound Designer: Janet Smith; Sound Programming: Dan Tramon.