Toby Simkin Broadway Theatre Producer 沈途彬百老汇专家

Broadway Producer

Toby Simkin is a theatrical Broadway / West End producer with 4 decades of award-winning experience and a proven track record in all aspects of commercial theatre show & event production & operations globally, including Broadway & the West End.  [More…]

沈途彬先生是一位在美国纽约百老汇以及英国伦敦西区有着超过40年制作经验,且在亚洲商业戏剧界坐拥诸多表彰和成功业绩纪录的独立戏剧制作人。 从设计概念阶段到最终演出阶段,拥有在剧场全方面的丰富实践管理制作经验。[传记…]

Consulting on shows & theatre venues, specializing in:
若有相关于戏剧、表演内容和剧院场地等讯息或疑问皆可谘询。 我们的服务:

Show Production

Show Production

Developing and producing all aspects of shows from blank page to final curtain to maximize commercial quality & success.