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Shanghai 2021 Gay Venues

Shanghai is a relatively gay-friendly city, more international than most other mainland China cities. The queer community is massive: about 2.7 million (equal to the entire population of Las Vegas or Chicago), but only a teeny, tiny, minuscule fraction of the Shanghai LGBT community frequent various bars and clubs. Most prefer apps, private home parties and other places.

I list all known gay venues below, and additionally list a couple of gay friendly places that cater to a predominately larger number of gay clientele than most. There are probably more than 300 or so other gay-friendly spaces, bars, coffee shops & restaurants in Shanghai that I do not list, such as Curfew (汾阳路1号 近淮海中路), and Friiend静吧 (进贤路135号茂名南路口) drawing in large numbers of gay clientele.

Shanghai Gay Spaces:

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