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Issues with Internet Access in China

Accessing foreign (non-chinese) can be particularly slow, if at all.  The “Great Firewall of China” is real, blocks access of many non-chinese websites and services that are outside of Chinese control and will most certainly be filtering by automatic processes, everything you send or receive, via email, instant message or web, so use caution with using certain words and common sense.

As an example, amongst over 20,000 others, the following major services are currently blocked and banned:

  • (plus Messenger app)
  • Facetime Audio
  • Skype, Viber and other VOIP services
  • Line, WhatsApp & KakaoTalk messaging
  • (plus all Google services including Gmail)
  • (accessible in major districts only)
  • (and non-chinese sites that integrate streaming video)
  • (and any sites that have a blog embedded in it)
  • All non-chinese large file transfer services

Any website that uses google analytics, google fonts, or google references will take an additional 1 minute to start loading, if at all.

The word ‘censorship’ is censored in China.

Facebook has 95 million users in China despite being blocked.

See this WikiPedia article for more.

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In addition, The Chinese government monitors and controls specific use of the internet in various ways, the most common through the use of keyword monitoring.  There is a long list of thousands of specific words (and variations of these words in different languages and abbreviations).  Use of these keywords in email, text messaging or on websites is likely to cause IP blocking, human review or in extreme cases, prosecution.

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This is clever

VPN (or similar technologies)