Ryan Chen You Kang 陈友康 Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director

陈友康 Chen You Kang (Ryan) 

Director, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Friend
Born August 29, 1987, Zhouning County, near Ningde, Fujian, China
Died July 27, 2020, Zhouning County, near Ningde, Fujian, China (age 33)

2012本科(文学学士):  上海戏剧学院-广播电视编导专业
Bachelor (2012) in Broadcast TV, Screenwriting & Directing from the Shanghai Theatre Academy
语言 Languages:中文 Mandarin、英文 Cantonese、广东话 English

Ryan Chen Youkang

quote beginWho is your family? For me, it’s not just the people I am related to by blood. I have known Ryan since 2007, as a close friend, we travelled together domestically & internationally. I had the pleasure of teaching him how to swim, he returned the favor teaching me secrets about TaoBao and Chinese e-commerce. He introduced me to the art of Chinese TV with the epic TV series QIN EMPIRE a dozen years ago. We worked together over 13 years on multiple projects. Our film production of THREE GRAMS OF A DREAM was a highlight of my time in China, and on completion, Ryan insisted on dedicating the movie to my mother whom he had met several times in China and Australia. Ryan was an inspiration. He was so generous of spirt, kindness and friendship. He was extraordinarily talented, and his early departure from this life is a deprivation for the film industry, and for me, an immeasurable loss, tempered with such happy memories as part of my family.quote end 2

Ryan Chen You Kang 陈友康 Happy Memories as Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director and Friend

Chen You Kang (Ryan Chen) 陈友康



DIRECTOR: “Mary Su meets Jack Su
DIRECTOR: “Miyazo Love
DIRECTOR/WRITER: “Three Grams of a Dream
DIRECTOR: “Where is my Family?
DIRECTOR: “Dong’s Photo Exhibition
DIRECTOR/WRITER: “University Days