Baba Cassie Boyachuk

Katherine Cassie Boyachuk Baba(born Helowka)
April 12, 1914 (Winnipeg, Canada) – Dec. 27 2017 (Toronto, Canada)

  • Wife of Andrew Boyachuk;
  • Mother of Stella and Edward;
  • Sister of Steve, Peter, John, Emily and Olive;
  • Grandmother of Mark, Michelle, Darrell (DJ), Alex, Gregory;
  • Great Grandmother of Mikayala, Juliet, Amanda and Jennisa;
  • Friend to thousands.
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Little Girl

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Wedding Day

Cassie Boyachuk Wedding Day

103rd Birthday

Baba Photo103rd Birthday

Baba 100th Birthday Celebrations

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Baba Thank You

Charity H2H Child Sponsored for Cassie Boyachuk

Thanks to the generous donations from Stella and Albert Wizniak, Morris and Ella Boyachuk, Ed Wizniak, Ann Ursulak, DJ Wizniak & Toby Simkin,  a baby girl named Niu Shuhan from Shandong province in China has had successful open heart surgery, and is now expected to lead a normal life in the memory of Baba.

Logo Heart to Heart

Update from Heart to Heart Shanghai

Photos received from the grateful parents of Niu Shuhan to show how she is stronger every day, and has new life thanks to generosity of donors to the “In Memory of Cassie Boyachuk Fund”. H2H Niu Shuhan July 2018

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The perfect Baba

A lifetime member of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Cassie Holowka married Andrew Boyachuk at Zoria District in 1934, and lived there until 1967 moving to the Gilbert Plains.  Cassie and Andrew had one son, Edward, and daughter, Stella. Andrew passed away in 1985. Cassie lived the remainder of her life in Mississauga / Etobicoke and became very active with church activities, catering (her famous perogies, cabbage rolls and apple pies), bingo, family and friends. She is adored by her children, grandchildren and great children, and forever known as Baba.

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Published by the Toronto Star on Dec. 28, 2017 at