As Seen on TVTitle LollyGag

Located on the border of New York, USA and Quebec, Canada, we purchased this near 100-acre farm and forest after the events of 9/11, by forming a Quebecois French Corporation (Entreprises LollyGag Inc.), hired local staff, and immediately repaired, renovated, upgraded and converted to a nature reserve, animal sanctuary and retreat by us.  It was additionally our primary residence, although I commuted to Manhattan and Beijing a lot (~ once a month).

Facelift TV at LollyGagAs seen on TV, LollyGag’s Woop Woop was featured in a one hour TV special for DJ’s birthday

LollyGag became a party hub, nestled between Montreal and Manhattan, hosting friends a plenty for weekend’s away.  Its pool, sauna, hot tubs, barns, animals, apple orchard, forest trails, bbq’s, bedrooms, fire pits, fireplaces and cinema got extensive workouts from a large regular stream of guests.

In snowy winter times we would use the snowdrift banks (often 7 ft high) adjacent to the great room pool doors for Champagne storage.  We often worked on a barter trading system in the lovely local community, many of whom remain friends to this day.

LollyGag Property Layout Limits

  • Crop Fields divided into 7 plantations (~27 acres)
  • Forest & Lake (~62 acres) plus Private Road (1.5km deep) & Trails
  • Animal Husbandry (~3 acres fenced)
    • Sheep, Goats, Cow, Lhama, Ducks, Chickens & Rabbits (plus Deer in Forest)
    • Private Billabong (Pond) & animal all-weather barns
  • Party Home
    • 3,200 sq ft Living, 5 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 2 Dining / 2 Living with wet bar & fireplaces
    • 40’ Pool, Sauna & Jacuzzi & 2 Hot Tubs and an 87’ Deck across entire home frontage
    • Wired for media streaming throughout
    • 10 Outbuildings including indoor parking for 15 vehicles

LollyGag Animals NamingLollyGag was more of a petting zoo and luxury animal sanctuary, we named all our animals after theatre industry icons such as..

  • our Lhama named Antonio (Banderas);
  • our flock of sheep affectionately named Julie, Betty, LizaElaine, Carol, Bernadette, Vanessa etc.;
  • our dancing kid black goat named Savion;
  • our trip of goats named Nathan, Hugh, Harvey, Joel, Stokes, MandyBrian, Ramin, Raul, Aaron etc.;
  • our milking cow was named Andrea (Bocelli);
  • our herd of rabbits included Cossette, Fantine, Jean Valjean, Javert, Marius, Gavroche, Enjolras, Thenardier etc… (as they kept multiplying we moved on to ErikChristineRaoulPhilippeArmand, FirminGiryMegCarlotta etc…);
  • our raft of noisy ducks collectively we referred to as the chorus;
  • and our brood of egg-laying chickens were the crew.

We never named the snakes (although if we did, the list of Broadway names would be so easy).

We chose to name the property using my Australian heritage lingo – LollyGag meaning. “do nothing”.  We extended this naming concept to each of our out-buildings and major features…

  • Jackaroo – Aussie cowboy (my brothers career)
  • Jumbuck – Sheep
  • Chook – Chicken (our chickens barn & enclosure)
  • Woop Woop – Middle of nowhere
  • Ekka – Exhibition (in this case pottery barn)
  • Flicks – cinema (plus technical storage)
  • Ute – the common utility vehicle
  • Yakka – work, hard work
  • Never Never – way away, furtherest away
  • Billabong – pond or lake water reservoir