Egypt Holiday 2018 Itinerary BookEgypt Nile River Cruise & more

For DJ & Jones’ birthdays in 2018, I organized an around the world holiday from Shanghai to Bangkok to Dubai to Kuwait to Cairo to Alexandria to Aswan — then sail the Nile River to Luxor – back to Cairo, onward to Saudi Arabia then Toronto and home to Shanghai.

The trip was designed to be 5-star luxury, to visit these places with private guides and local archeologists I hired in advance, plus private transport, so we could do all in air-conditioned comfort. The Nile river cruise was a highlight, with about 66 staff (all uber friendly), our little family were just about the only guests aboard the Oberoi Philae.  Most of the sights we visited, we had private access due to pre-hired locally engaged archeologists pulling strings, which allowed for some unique photo opportunities at a leisurely pace.

The ITINERARY BOOK includes the detail, plus sightseeing research.

Some photo highlights below…


Long day of flights via BKK… welcomed in Dubai by terrible chaos at immigration lines and then fabulous clean fresh air. Hotel is great for a few days. Time to relax! Little bit of work, brunch, swim & drink, then night shopping at the gold souk (bazaar)… then onward to Kuwait to Cairo – fun brunch mtg in Dubai, lunch in Kuwait, dinner in Cairo

Dubai UAEDubai UAE 0718 Dubai UAE 0748 Dubai UAE 0741 Dubai UAE DJ at Burj


We 3 Coffee in Cairo Hamdy our private driver Gamal our private archaeologistCoffee & Shish in Cairo Coffee in Cairo Shopping in Cairo Delivery in Cairo

Pyramids & Sphinx at Giza

Great Pyramids, Sphinx & sheesha pipes and camels and fabulous local lunch and such interesting views in every direction

We 3 at Pyramids & Sphynx at Giza DJ at Pyramids & Sphynx at Giza DJ relaxing with coffee and shish at hotel at Pyramids & Sphynx at Giza