Tango Argentino (Broadway)

Tango Argentino (Broadway)

TANGO ARGENTINO conceived by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli opened on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre on Nov 16, 1999 and closed on Jan 09, 2000 after 7 previews and 63 performances.

Produced by DG Producciones, Daniel Grinbank, Fernando Moya and Isabel Chapur; Associate Producer: Phil Ernst; Produced by), DG Producciones, Daniel Grinbank, Fernando Moya and Isabel Chapur.

Directed by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli; Choreographic Conception: Claudio Segovia; Scenery conceived by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli; Costumes conceived by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli; Lighting conceived by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli; Lighting Consultant: Marcelo Cuervo; Make-Up Design by Jean-Luc Don Vito; Hair Design by Jean-Luc Don Vito; Sound Design by Gastón Brisky; Musical Director: Osvaldo Berlingieri, Julio Oscar Pane and Roberto Pansera; Choreographed by Nélida, Nelson, Héctor Mayoral, Elsa María Mayoral, Carlos Bórquez, Inés Bórquez, Luis Pereyra, Norma Pereyra, Carlos Copello, Alicia Monti, Roberto Herrera, Lorena Yácono, Guillermina Quiroga, Vanina Bilous, Antonio Cervila, Jr. and Johana Copes.

Starring Vanina Bilous, Carlos Bórquez, Inés Bórquez, Antonio Cervila, Jr., Carlos Copello, Johana Copes, Juan Carlos Copes (Guest Artist), María Graña (Singer), Roberto Herrera, Raúl Lavié (Singer), Jovita Luna (Singer), Elsa María Mayoral, Héctor Mayoral, Alicia Monti, Nélida, Nelson, María Nieves (Guest Artist), Luis Pereyra, Norma Pereyra, Guillermina Quiroga, Alba Solís (Singer), Pablo Verón (Guest Artist) and Lorena Yácono

Tour Manager: Carlos Rivadulla; General Manager: Nina Lannan & Associates and Devin M. Keudell

Production Stage Manager: Roberto Antier

Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing and Promotions: Bravo Group and The Walton Group; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.;

Piano: Osvaldo Berlingieri and Christian Zárate; Bandoneón: Roberto Pansera, Horacio Romo and Rubén Oscar Gonzalez; Violin: Pablo Agri, Pablo Aznarez, Raúl Di Renzo, Gustavo Roberto Mulé, Walter Sebastián Prusacand Leonardo Suarez Paz; Violincello: Dino Quarleri; Contrabass: Enrique Guerra

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Performed in Spanish


Tango Argentino (Broadway) Tango Argentino (Broadway)Tango Argentino Broadway ProgramTango Argentino Broadway photo 1

Musical Numbers

Act One:

“Quejas de bandoneon” (music by J. De Dios Filiberto) (Orchestra); “El Apache Argentino” (music by M. Aroztegui and A. Mathon) (Antonio Cervila Jr., Pablo Veron, Luis Pereyra, Juan Carlos Lopes, Carlos Borquez, Carlos Copello); “El portenito” (music by A. Villaldo aka A. Villoldo) (Guillermina Quiroga, Norma Pereyra, Alicia Monti, Johana Copes, Ines Borquez); “El esquinazo” (music by A. Villaldo) (Pablo Veron, Guillermina Quiroga); “La punalada” (music by P. Castellanos and E. C. Flores) and “El choclo” (music by A. Villaldo and E. S. Descepolo) (Orchestra); “La cumparista” (music by G. M. Rodriguez) (Pablo Veron, Guillermina Quiroga); “Mi noche triste” (lyric and music by S. Castriotta and P. Contursi) (Singer: Raul Lavie); “El entrerriano” (music by R. Mendizabal) (Norma and Luis Pereyra); “De mi barrio” (lyric and music by R. Goyeneche) (Singer: Jovita Luna); “Chique” (Juan Carlos and Johana Lopes; Bandoneones: Roberto Pansera, Horacio Romo, Ruben Gonzalez, Alejandro Zarate); “Milonguita” (music by E. Delfino and S. Linning), “Divina” (music by J. Mora and J. De la Calle), “Melenita de oro” (music by E. Delfino and S. Linning), and “Re-Fa-Si” (music by E. Delfino) (Vanina Bilous, Nelida and Nelson, Antonio Cervila Jr., Elsa Maria Mayoral, Norma and Luis Pereyra, Ines and Carlos Borquez, Alicia Monti, Guillermina Quiroga, Johana Copes, Hector Mayoral, Pablo Veron, Carlos Copello); “Nostalgias” (music by J. C. Cobain and E. Cadicamo) (Orchestra); “La Yumba” (music by O. Pugliese) (Ines and Carlos Borquez); “Cautivo” (Singer: Maria Grana); “Recuerdo” (music by O. Pugliese) (Carlos Copello, Alicia Monti); “Canaro en Paris” (music by A. Scarpino and J. Caldarella) (Orchestra); “Nocturna” (music by J. Plaza) (Norma and Luis Pereyra, Ines and Carlos Borquez, Carlos Copello and Alicia Monti, Antonio Cervila Jr., and Johana Copes, Roberto Herrera and Lorena Yacono)

Act Two:

“Milongueando en el ’40” (music by Armando Pontier) (Roberto Herrera, Lorena Yacono); “Uno” (lyric and music by E. S. Discepolo and M. Mores) and “La ultima curda” (Singer: Alba Solis); “Milonguero viejo” (Hector and Elsa Maria Mayoral); “Celos” (music by Gade) (Nelida and Nelson); “Naranjo en flor” (lyric and music by H. Y. V. Esposito) (Singer: Raul Lavie); “Tanguera” (music by M. Mores) (Pablo Veron, Guillermina Quiroga); “La mariposa” (Orchestra); “Patetico” (Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves); “Cancion desesperada” (Singer: Maria Grana); “Verano porteno” (music by Astor Piazzola) (Vanina Bilous, Antonio Cervila Jr.); “Balada para mi muerte” (music by H. Ferrer and Astor Piazzola) (Orchestra); “Danzarin” (music by J. Plaza) and “Quejas de bandoneon” (music by J. De Dios Filiberto) (Juan Carlos Copes and Maria Nieves, Nelida and Nelson, Hector and Elsa Maria Mayoral, Pablo Veron and Guillermina Quiroga, Antonio Cervila Jr., Ines Borquez, and Juan Carlos Copes, Norma and Luis Pereyra, Carlos Copello and Alicia Monti, Roberto Herrera and Lorena Yacona)

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