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Hamlet (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Poster]

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The TN! Theatre Company

Sound Designer, Actor and Assistant Stage Manager for HAMLET by William Shakespeare for the TN! Theatre Company at the Twelfth Night Theatre, Bowen Hills, Queensland from 19 February 1981 to 7 March 1981.

Directed by Bryan Nason; Designed by Paul Haseler, Bryan Nason & John Deshon; Lighting Design by Paul Haseler; Choreography by Judith Anderson, Fencing by John Humphreys; Music by John Rush & Peter Rankine; Sound Design by Toby Simkin; Costumes by Bryan Nason, Bobby Billinghurst, Tricia Groen, Angela Van Dyke, Joyce Gurney and Vicki Wright; Stage Managed by Allan Smith; Assistant Stage Managed by Toby Simkin, Props by Carmel Mungavin; Lighting Operated by Ken Brearley; Photography by Chris Ellis and Graphics by David Bell.

STARRING Geoffrey Cartwright (Hamlet); Judith Anderson (Ophelia); Robert Arthur (Horatio, Player King); Jennifer Blocksidge (Gertrude); Leo Wockner (Claudius); Laurence Hodge (Polonius, English Ambassador); Patrick Reed (Laertes); Michael McCaffrey (Rozencrantz); Malcolm Cork (Gildenstern, Marcellus); John Rush (Osric); Ross Daniels (A Priest, Player Villian); James Porter (Bernardo, Gravedigger); Paul Sugars (Gravedigger); Paul Haseler (Young Fortinbras); Lloyd King (Norwegian Captain); Toby Simkin (English Ambassador); Carmel Mungavin (Player Queen); Anne-Marie Martin; Andrea Crouch; Sharon Corazzol and Peter Rankine;

Hamlet (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Photo] Geoff & Robert Hamlet (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Photo] w Toby Hamlet (1981 TN Theatre Co Brisbane) [Photo] Malcolm, Geoff, Robert