Big Book of Trump Lies Debate

VOTE 投票 bỏ phiếu वोट boto 투표 votar הַצבָּעָה голос โหวต Abstimmung تصويت hlasování ψήφος !

2020 USA vote

Vote, just VOTE. it’s not difficult, and will save lives and help the USA re-gain global respect.

I find it fascinating that now scrambling, many Trump supporters love Trump because he is not a politician… So that concept of not having a politician in the most important political position in the world could be similarly extended by putting a painter in charge of the world bank, a ballet dancer in charge of the military, a singer in charge of education and maybe an actor in charge of the economy. Let’s also replace all surgeons in the world with circus ringmasters.

Until then, expect reality TV President Trump to continue with his 2020 book of lies, insults and deadly stupidity.