Every App should be this Responsive

Designed for on stage use, without need for Wifi or Cellular connection.  Super fast, responsive, giving results you can both see and hear.

TheatreTerms Design
TheatreTerms Feature Offline

No data connection needed

Designed to be offline for practical use on stage. No Wifi or Data needed.


TheatreTerms Feature search

Search over 6,900 terms (in English or Chinese)

Searchable list of over 6,900 theatrical terms in both English and Chinese.


TheatreTerms Feature speak

Hear the Chinese (or English)

Copy & Paste any term or have them spoken to you.


TheatreTerms Feature gallery

300 images for quick reference

Over 300 floor plans & theatrical images for visual reference.


User Friendly Design

TheatreTerms layers

and …

Simply Beautiful

Years of Development
Cups of Coffee

Very Theatrical

This offline self-contained app is the first and only app to support theatre in China. It is useful for touring shows, concerts, musicians, producers, technical, performers and theatre crews to achieve common understanding with budgeting, contracts, marketing, technical production, living and general support terminologies.

该离线APP是国内第一部且是唯一一部在剧院技术术语领域的应用 。它有助于巡演、音乐会、音乐家、制作人、舞美、演员及剧场工作人员更好的理解预算、合同、市场营销、舞美、生活出行及其他专业术语。

TheatreTerms Flip

Happy People

Thanks for the super fast response on the speech settings! The app is incredibly useful. It saved us thousands in translation costs for our tour of China, paid for itself in the first 5 minutes on stage at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. Best value ever. Can you make a European version?
— David W., PM, Australia

THANK you for a brilliant app that helps save time and money — made China so much easier! Why did nobody think of this before I wonder?
— Julie D., South Africa

The Must Have

Theatre Terms is a practical reference utility for theatrical professionals and interpreters to work in theatres in China. Providing thousands of stage terms in both English & Mandarin Chinese, along with over 350 visual references to assist in communication.