The Visit (Broadway)

Absolutely stunning night at the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway with The Visit — Love Past, Present and Forever which opened April 23, 2015.  In my opinion this is John Kander & Fred Ebb’s finest score, and Chita Rivera’s greatest triumph.  Terrence McNally’s witty book is the best interpretation of this famous story I have seen.

Riverting, gut-wrenching and enthralling show, with an amazing cast that put the Director John Doyle’s brilliant stylization forefront.

The set, lighting, sound and choreography all blend perfectly moving the story forward.

Buy an airplane ticket, run, don’t walk to catch this fabulous boutique musical brought to you by the next visionary super producer, Tom Kirdahy.

This is what great theatre, and Broadway, is all about — a truly sensational experience — and a perfect gift to the world.

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Based on the satirical play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt as adapted by Maurice Valency, The Visit is about greed, love, and one woman’s carefully plotted revenge. The oft-widowed Claire Zachanassian (Chita Rivera), richest woman in the world, returns to the hardship-stricken town of her birth. The locals pray that her wealth will bring them a new lease on life, but her arrival carries a dreadful price. Roger Rees co-stars as Anton Schell, the man who scorned Claire years ago. Sardonic and morally complex, The Visit asks “What can your heart afford?”

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