A Chinese musical developed for global audiences.

Written & composed by a British team, directed & designed by Asian/Western team that showcases an extraordinary Chinese story globally.
一个不平凡的故事. 一部全新的音乐剧. 由一个国际专家团队制作 专为英语观众打造 伦敦西区 纽约百老汇

SACRIFICE is in development now, and looking for investment partners.  This is a unique and rare opportunity to participate in a Broadway / West End musical at the highest level.

A great opportunity

A detailed prospectus providing all financials and show plans is now available for investors. To request your copy, please contact us.

The musical is budgeted affordably, including an Asian workshop and a full 1st class production.  Commercial profitability is maximised due to creation of the physical production within Asia, and contained cast size.  This is exceptional for a large-scale musical.  We have ensured the production is cost effective whilst still retaining the ‘wow’ factor.