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A musical of passion, courage, betrayal & sacrifice.

Written & composed by a British team, directed & designed by Asian/Western team that showcases an extraordinary Chinese story globally.
一个不平凡的故事. 一部全新的音乐剧. 由一个国际专家团队制作 专为英语观众打造 伦敦西区 纽约百老汇

SACRIFICE is in development now as both film and stage musical.  This is a unique and rare opportunity to participate in a major project at the highest level.

Developed for global audiences

China’s most extraordinary story – and ultimate Sacrifice.

An extraordinary story based on real events — over 1200 years ago…
一个不平凡的故事根据真实事件改编— 1200年前…

Sacrifice Tang CourtPassion

China’s greatest beauty, Lady Yang GuiFei, is exiled after confronting her adulterous husband – the Emperor’s son (the Prince of Shou).
寿王,唐代玄宗帝之子,杨贵妃夫君. 在杨贵妃与寿王争执其通奸之事后,受令出家.


Fate draws the Emperor Tang Xuanzong to visit Lady Yang, where he is captivated by her dancing (the ‘Dance of Rainbow Skirt & Feathered Dress’) and besotted with her beauty. He installs her into his colorful court, neglecting crucial affairs of state and allowing jealousy and conspiracy to thrive.
唐玄宗在巡访道观时, 却被已出家的杨贵妃美色迷住. 之后,唐玄宗将杨贵妃召入后宫. 唐玄宗从此沉溺于贵妃美色,却浅谈朝政.


As Lady Yang begins to return his love, the distracted Emperor awards key positions to An Lushan, a barbarian soldier. When the treacherous An then leads a rebellion against the dynasty, the Emperor and Lady Yang are forced to flee.
当杨贵妃开始对唐玄宗开始产生爱意之时, 野军将士安禄山, 开始得到疏于朝政的唐玄宗信任和封位. 当野军叛乱朝政后, 唐玄宗与杨贵妃被逼逃亡.


Lady Yang is blamed for the rebellion by the imperial guards who demand her execution. To save the Emperor she loves, and the Tang Dynasty, Lady Yang makes the ultimate SACRIFICE.
当朝禁军皆认为安史之乱因杨贵妃而起, 为稳唐玄宗帝王之位,以及整个大唐皇朝, 杨贵妃带罪自尽.

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All songs by K. Clarke & R. Daniels; Additional material by M. Troop; Recording engineer: Richard Daniels
© Captive Music

Historical Background

Many years of research within China and from abroad, in conjunction with universities & historians have shaped the creation of our story.

Sacrifice Character Yang GuFei

Yang GuiFei (杨玉环)

Yang Yuhuan, later to become Yang GuiFei, was one of the few women whose beauty has caused the downfall of monarchs and nations. Yang Yuhuan was the daughter of Yang Xuanyan, a census official in Sichuan.

Sacrifice Character Emperor

Tang Xuanzong (唐玄宗)

Tang Xuanzong, named Li Longji, ninth Emperor of China’s Tang dynasty, is also known as Tang Minghuang and Illustrious August. Li Longji, a man of competence, was the grandson of Empress Wu Zetian who the only female monarch in China’s history.

Sacrifice Character An LuShan

An Lushan (安禄山)

An Lushan, Chinese general of Iranian and Turkish descent, a protégé of the Emperor Xuangzong’s concubine Yang GuiFei, was military commander on China’s northeast frontier. As leader of a rebellion in when he seized the city of Luoyang (modern Loyang) and the imperial capital, Chang’An (now Xi’an), forcing Xuanzong to seek refuge in Sichuan.

Sacrifice Character Prince Shou

Prince of Shou (壽王)

Li Qing known as Li Mao (李瑁) and honored with the title Prince of Shou (壽王) was an Imperial Prince of Tang Dynasty, was the 18th son of Emperor Xuanzong and his favorite concubine Consort Wu.

Sacrifice Character Gao LiShi

Gao LiShi (高力士)

Gao LiShi, was a eunuch official of the Chinese dynasty Tang dynasty and Wu Zetian’s Zhou Dynasty, becoming particularly powerful during Emperor Xuanzong’s reign. As a result of Gao LiShi’s participation in Emperor Xuanzong action against Princess Taiping, which ultimately made Xuanzong the Emperor.

Sacrifice Character Li Bai

Li Bai (李白)

Li Bai (Li Po) was a Taoist Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty, acclaimed the Golden Age of Chinese poetry, recognized as perhaps the greatest of all Chinese poets due to his rich work, celebrating wine, women, and the beauty of nature.

Sacrifice Character Chief Minister

Yang Guozhong (楊國忠)

Yang Guozhong, was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang dynasty, serving as a chief minister late in the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. His second cousin Yang GuiFei was Emperor Xuanzong’s favorite concubine, and he gained Emperor Xuanzong’s favor through her.

Sacrifice Character Male Green

Li Linfu (李林甫)

Li Linfu, nickname Genu (哥奴), formally the Duke of Jin (晉公), served as a chancellor for 18 years during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong—one of the longest terms of service for a chancellor in Tang history. Li was known for his flattery of the Emperor and skill in the political scene.

Sacrifice Character MeiFei

Consort Mei (江采蘋)

Consort Mei was an imperial consort during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong, was the most literate and talented concubine who obtained Xuanzong’s favors, often known as Mei fei. Her actual name was Jiang Caipin (江采蘋), originally called Consort Jiang.

The Tang Dynasty (唐朝)

From its establishment in AD 618 to its downfall in AD 907, the Tang Dynasty is the most prosperous dynasty in Chinese history. The Tang can be divided into two periods: the early period and the late period, with the eight-year An Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion as its turning point. The early period was its golden age.

Sacrifice Character Tang Dancer
Tang Song & Dance

Dance of Rainbow Skirt & Feathered Dress depicts the elegant dancing movements of fairies in the moon. The piece is a combination of homegrown music of the Tang Dynasty and the music of the West.

Chang’An (长安)

Chang’An (“Perpetual Peace”) is the name of one of the most important ancient capital cities of China. Known as the eastern terminal of the Silk Road, Chang’An is located in Shaanxi Province very near Xi’An. The city was first constructed beginning about 200 BC.

Sacrifice Hot Spring
Huaqing Hot Springs (華清池)

Situated at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong County, 30 km from Xi’an near Chang’an, Huaqing Hot Spring is famed for both its spring scenery and the romantic love story of Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang GuiFei in the Tang Dynasty.

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A great opportunity

ProspectusA detailed prospectus providing all financials, show plans and full music demo is available for potential investors. To request your copy, please contact me with your expression of interest.

The project is budgeted affordably, including a full 1st class production and film.  Commercial profitability is maximised due to creation of the physical production within Asia, and contained cast size.  This is exceptional for a large-scale musical.  We have ensured the production is cost effective whilst still retaining the ‘wow’ factor.


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