COVID-19 Parody Musical Posters Re-imagined

Broadway Parody Posters

We all need some light relief. 🎭  😷  While in quarantine / isolation since Christmas in 2019 in Shanghai, since February,  on Facebook, various parodies of theatrical show posters, to bring a smile and educate my friends in the theatre business about the Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

I’ve been teaching myself Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (without video, tutorials or manuals etc.. just by trial and error) I’ve re-imagined the parody posters of shows. It’s been a great way to rekindle remote friendships, and for others to copy and create their own versions.

Here are a few of them.  I hope you enjoy them.

Many have asked my process…

  1. Think of a suitable subject for this special time;
  2. Find the best original source material (either scanning what I have or searching);
  3. Use the original source as a positioning and color template;
  4. Recreate the base original art in as many separate layers of Photoshop as possible;
  5. Avoid using more than 20% of the original, ideally none;
  6. Use font matching app on smartphone to try and find similar fonts;
  7. Once the original poster is re-created and formed, copy the layers and commence editing;
  8. Respect the original brand and artists work;
  9. Manipulate the newly created art to form my parody vision;
  10. Try and match the color, positioning and general aesthetic;
  11. Use my face wherever possible;
  12. Edit the title font to parody desires;
  13. Positioning and layout size for Broadway Window Card;
  14. Add parody or funny billing credits;
  15. Add the layers of theatre name, buying choices etc…;
  16. Compare general aesthetic to original side by side;
  17. Final color correct;
  18. Write a short descriptor;
  19. Save and publish.

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