Moon BarMoon Café and Bar

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Moon-Bar-exterior-entranceA very casual, local gay bar located in the Gayborhood, appropriately positioned at rear of XingGuo Mansion, accessed from alleyway off Huaihai Zhong Lu, and directly atop the old Shanghai Studio.  Moon Bar is the preferred spot for Chinese bears and their admirers for drinking, chatting and scanning WeChat QR codes adding new friends.  Customers are generally a good mix of age, size and friendly levels.  Beer, cocktails and shooters are the drinks of day.

The funky space is a bi-level concrete and steel cave with high-tech neon rainbow lights adorning various darker nooks and crevices in this bear den of fun.  The upstairs space lends itself to larger gatherings of friends or parties, while the downstairs space is split into 3 primary sections — a well lit front bar, a darker, predominately red, back bar and a more intimate, and darker seating area between the two, at the base of the stairs.  Local gay artists provide artwork that adorns the walls.

Lots of dice games, and as fast as it fills out, it empties quickly as customers move on to other bars in the local scene. Don’t expect any English spoken. They also maintain a self serve rechargeable phone battery bank.  QR codes for payment by WeChat & Alipay.  Open 8pm-late, daily.

小小的室内休息室空间隐藏在星果大厦小巷中,里面有鸡尾酒,在老上海工作室(曾经是俱乐部的地下迷宫)上方的便是“Moon Café and Bar”。这个酒吧虽然不大,却通常是“熊”及其喜熊者常去的地方。这里依然有很多骰子游戏,并且玩法多样,客人来来往往,通常不会待特别久。酒吧每天晚上8点至凌晨2点开放。

Street level, at rear of XingGuo Mansion
No. 6, Lane 1950 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Xingguo Lu
Taxi: 兴国大厦    淮海中路1950弄6号, 近兴国路