ManGo Gay Bar Shanghai

ManGo Bar

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Super friendly very local bar located about 25 minutes outside the gayborhood accessible by subway (Line 8 / 10 Siping Rd Station.. exit 3) or DiDi.  Best on weekend nights (particularly Saturdays) but be warned everything starts early and finishes early… Starts around 8:00 PM, generally karaoke until about 9:15 PM and then a mix of pop, electronica & disco and other playlists that entertain about 130 older Chinese and they’re younger admirers in the S.E, corner basement venue that is similar to a packed gay beer hall with lots of inexpensive beer by the bucket, dice games, and friendliness between tables…

Mango Directions MapThe first time may be hard to find, so use my photo directions map and it will be easier… When you get to the plaza just follow the big line of Chinese elder bears and older gentleman with a trail of happy twinks and monkeys in tow to easily find the club…. There is a maturity of the mind of people at ManGo that makes it feel like inclusive fun for all…  Young, old, thin, fat, rich, poor, tall, short… it does not matter everyone is equal.

A very fun night with 6 canned beers for RMB 188, good local prices and crowded space with a tiny dance floor that will be packed with”bao” baby boys and their “baba” daddies.

Expect that by 11:30 PM to midnight the place will clear out as people move on to other bars…

Recommended for long-term ex-pats and of course local Chinese but I suggest other bars may be better for first time foreigners… since absolutely no English is spoken have fun using body language and WeChat translation.

Overall, a very fun experience.

Junfeng International Fortune Plaza
1599 Dalian Road, Hongkou, Shanghai China
Taxi: 骏丰国际财富广场, 大连路1599号骏丰国际广场内


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