Warning Do Not Work Blacklist

A Chinese company, Kalavinka Cultural Assets, entered into a detailed contract with China based theatre producer Toby Simkin which then extended to international Broadway presentation and territorial licensing agreements, to exploit shows along with their actors, musicians, composers, lyricists, creative and other theatrical staff. Kalavinka have breached all of these contracts, and its leadership have repeatedly used stalling tactics with broken promises while hiding the fact that there are multiple other legal actions against them in multiple Beijing Districts People’s Courts.

Collectively, Toby Simkin and associated foreign parties are owned in excess of RMB 10,841,130 (USD $1,568,949), plus additional losses incurred by the various authors, agents, producers, investors, creative team and performers, including legal and travel costs associated with its recovery.  Toby Simkin is personally owed RMB 2,358,432.25 (USD $339,831), as a result of breach of contract by Kalavinka and its senior leadership.

We recommend that the following entities and individuals be immediately placed on permanent blacklists to avoid our global community of live entertainment associates enduring future legal and difficult hardships as a result of Kalavinka, and its leaderships, dishonest and financially destructive activities…



dba: Kalavinka Cultural Assets Co., Ltd
 Staff Zhang Yuan 张源 (President)
Zhu Qiang 朱强 (Board Chairman)

Wu Ping 吴萍 (Shareholder)


As detailed in the document below, 圣频伽文化有限责任公司 dba Kalavinka Cultural Assets Co., Ltd, Zhang Yuan 张源 Zhu Qiang 朱强 and Wu Ping 吴萍 have repeatedly breached legal contracts, broken Chinese and international law, and have evaded the truth by a systematic series of stalling tactics, deceit and outright lies resulting in significant global issues with multiple major live entertainment companies and individuals.

Those that know Toby Simkin personally, know that his dream has been to showcase a positive Chinese entertainment industry to the world. Kalavinka and it’s leadership have done significant, if not irrevocable, damage to the China brand, and have effectively ended Toby Simkin’s past 17 years’ work in China of wanting to showcase Chinese first-class talents to the world by equalizing China with other major theatre centres including England, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and South Korea.

In our professional opinion, Kalavinka Cultural Assets along with Zhang Yuan 张源 Zhu Qiang 朱强 and Wu Ping 吴萍’s damage within the global arts community have done enduring harm to China’s chances of being an effective global theatrical powerhouse.

Media, press and legal enquiries to supply copies of contracts and supporting documents can be requested by contacting us.

Below is a timeline and backgrounder on Kalavinka prepared by Toby Simkin.