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Very local and large bar located outside the gayborhood just above Suzhou Creek.  Similar patrons to ManGo bar, and likewise, everything starts early and finishes early… JD Bar is slightly more upscale than ManGo.  Starts around 8:00 PM with a mix of pop, electronica & disco that entertain older Chinese and they’re younger admirers who want to dance on the central large dance floor. Lots of inexpensive beer by the bucket — typically cans of Suntory sold in 6-packs and friendliness between tables…. Be warned music level often exceed 100 decibels.

JD Gay Bar in Shanghai MapThe first time may be hard to find, so use my map and it will be easier… Although with a good DiDi driver it’s possible to be dropped off at the building door on GuangFu Road, most times they will drop you off on Wuzhen Road just as they driver crosses the bridge.  In that case, it’s a very short and easy walk on flat ground to the bar.

When you get to the building, enter through the car park, and on the right inside the car park is the building entrance, turn right, and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. (see the photos).  Just like ManGo, there is a general maturity of the mind of people that makes it feel like inclusive fun for all…  Young, old, thin, fat, rich, poor, tall, short… it does not matter everyone is equal.  I was warmly welcomed as the only foreigner.

Expect a fun night, good local prices and crowded space with a large dance floor that will be packed with”bao” baby boys and their “baba” daddies.

Just like ManGo, recommended for long-term ex-pats and of course local Chinese but I suggest other bars may be better for first time foreigners… since absolutely no English is spoken have fun using body language and WeChat translation.

Overall, a fun experience.

3rd Floor, #306, 195 GuangFu Road (near Wuzhen Rd), Shanghai China
Near Metro Line 8
Taxi: 光复路195号306 (曲阜路)


JD Gay Bar in Shanghai JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Building-Door JD Gay Bar in Shanghai JD Gay Bar in Shanghai JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Interior JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Interior JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Interior JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Interior JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Interior JD Gay Bar in Shanghai Map


⚣⚣⚣⚣ SUMMARY ⚣⚣⚣⚣

Crowd Size
Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Avg. Age Range
20-80 years 
Avg. Guest Mix
99% Chinese 华人
1%   Western 外国人
International Quality
Gold StarGold Star
Seat Comfort
Gold StarGold StarGold Star
English Spoken
Gold Star
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Music Quality
Gold StarGold Star
Cocktail Quality
Gold Star
Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Free 免费
Value for Money
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Payment Methods
Payment cash wechat alipay


Map of Shanghai Gayborhood 上海Gay邻 Shanghai Gay Bars LGBT scene


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