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This holiday season, consider the children…

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H2H logoHeart to Heart (H2H) is a Shanghai based charity which provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart defects (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery.  H2H has sponsored over 1,300 children for heart surgery so far. The surgeries not only saved their lives, but transformed the lives of their families.

H2H is proud of the fact that it is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid employees. Unlike nearly all other charities, H2H have a $0 operating budget which means that 100% of donations are spent for surgeries. Sponsors are given documentation on where their donations were spent and can also visit the children while they in the hospital for their surgery.

Sponsoring a child is a truly moving experience.  I have been fortunate in co-sponsoring 2 children — in memory of both my mother (Wei Shunmei), and DJ’s grandmother (Niu Shuhan).

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