COVID-19 One and a half years later in 2021

COVID-19 One and Half Years Later

Living in a country of 1.4 billion people, and downtown in a city with over 27 million… who seem to believe in basic science and commonsense…
COVID-19 New Normal Restaurant Entry

  1. The benefit of one single 23-day enforced *real* NATIONAL lockdown early in 2020…
  2. Simultaneously essentially closing the borders by 99% to returning citizens with 100% going through 21 day quarantine on arrival plus 100% testing on arrival and before leaving quarantine of all passengers and crew…
  3. Near 100% compliance thanks to peer pressure on wearing medical grade masks, outdoors and indoors…
  4. 98% contact tracing via smartphone coupled with ongoing temperature testing and safe national health code showing prior to entry to most public places — taxi’s, restaurants, banks, bars, offices, public transit etc…
  5. Majority of people (double) vaccinated (thanks to peer pressure) of over 900 million…
  6. Minimal contact delivery services, combined with inbound parcel quarantine and screenings and national disinfecting programs… (also workers at inbound cargo facilities can get a 3rd shot for free)
  7. Tighter national control over pandemic misinformation while encouraging peer to peer support.

= All together, this has made my current location return to a ‘new normal‘ for over a year now, and apparently one of the safest places in the world with no local cases and 100% of new cases imported — ie, found at the border points with people attempting to enter.

Believe in basic science and commonsense.

A reminder from my daily Facebook postings in Jan/Feb 2020 (and my 12 minute ABC news interview/report via phone), our *real* national lockdown for 23 days (at the time, the known gestation period) mean’t we could not leave our home/building under *ANY* circumstances (except medical transfers via ambulance to hospital) – elevators shut down, security at front doors stopping residents leaving, essential water/basic food deliveries to lobby shelving accessed twice a day, no outside human contact without physical distance and wearing PPE etc.. etc…

ALL public and private transport stopped — no airports, trains, busses, taxi’s etc…. Streets were empty and silent — no people… only the occasional police car or ambulance.

In hindsight, that short term national pain was well worth it.

We were taught very quickly that internal domestic political borders within a continent were absolutely meaningless to an airborne disease. Provincial, state, city and even country borders within a continent are useless.

Believe in basic science and commonsense.

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Also, for the COVIDIOT deniers out there, see my chronological COVID-19 timeline of major events

I am so sad for my friends (and the general populations) in certain major countries whose national governments have not learned from example, and allow continued repeating meaningless disparate, localized, half-hearted, home stays, inaccurately call “lockdowns”, resulting in rising infections and in some places, alarming death rates. These crazy conditions make the whole shebang even worse and the hardships my friends are facing is depressing. While this is happening, opening continental borders and global travel is insanity.

It is NOT hard to follow basic science and commonsense.  If we don’t, just like chickenpox, typhoid, polio, diphtheria etc.. etc… this medical pandemic is going to be measured in decades of issues, not years.

Toby COVID 19 Vaccine 2nd Jab ShanghaiAll vaccinations in China were optional, non-enforced, yet peer pressured to do it, and non-citizens pay for each shot, and yet they still have over 900 million double vaccinated using over 1.8 billion shots. Remarkable record.

Two shots of Chinese COVID-19 inactivated vaccines (both granted emergency use by the WHO) curbed the spread of the extra-contagious Delta variant during the May outbreak and provided a 70.2% against moderate cases and 100% against severe cases.

Personally I chose the SinoPharm vaccine for each of my 2 jabs.  With no side effects.

It’s just all basic science and commonsense.  Our parents and grandparents endured a lot worse.


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