CommonGenius Broadway: Toby Simkin

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I am exited to announce that I have teamed up with Common Genius Broadway as a Broadway Expert!

If you are enquiring about a script you have written, and looking to move you idea closer to production, please use CommonGenius

CommonGenius: Toby Simkin#ImAGenius

CommonGenius: Toby Simkin

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CommonGenius Announces Partnership with Broadway

For the first time in Broadway history, the best theatre makers are gathering together on the digital stage to provide personalized mentorship using CommonGenius’ cutting-edge video technology platform.

Users are invited to go behind the curtain with top producers, marketers, entrepreneurs, designers, directors, creators and makers of Broadway’s biggest shows and learn how they do it, ask questions and become part of the community.


Theatrical development or touring in Asia?

A show built for Broadway / London, needs adaption to accommodate language, cultural and physical production issues — I specialize in this knowledge with first hand experience for over 16 years in the Asian marketplace with multiple 1st class musicals and events.

I can save your thousands of dollars and weeks of grief by avoiding surprises, and discovering the secrets of how to deal within Asia, and how to prepare your cast & crew, and your physical production for the pitfalls, regulations and cultural shocks.

Consulting on theatre construction projects and shows in China

Advising real estate developers, architects & theatre owners in theatre venue design leading to operating efficiencies & maximizing profit. Development, consulting and management of theatrical construction projects in China, Turkey, Taiwan, and the United States. Production, presentation and general management of various 1st class shows throughout the USA and China.

剧院场地设计. 为设计中的建筑房地产开发商和剧院业主提供谘询,从而提高运营效率并实现利润最大化。 在中国,土耳其,台湾和美国发展,咨询和管理剧场建设项目。 在整个美国和中国出品和管理经营各种百老汇作品。

Conceptual Script / Outline review and planning for writers

Based on a plot summary or outline (maximum 2 pages long + cast breakdown, and if musical, song sampler), I can help you with a suitability review along with a plan for moving your conceptual idea closer to production. Learn about balancing the story arc including its essential wavebands with the importance of the physical production environment with the long-term commercially sustainable target audience and picking the right collaborators and packaging.