Asia Blue Gay Bar in Shanghai | Asia Blue是上海最古老的Gay吧Asia Blue

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Asia Blue interior Toby tableIf you are looking for a quieter, ultra friendly and more upscale evening in Shanghai to meet new friends, Asia Blue should be your destination between midnight and sunrise.  An alternative spot to the stale LGBT scene of Shanghai, Asia Blue is a hidden gem thriving with local in-the-know Chinese and foreigners, old and young alike.

A very gay local bar with camp decor under an canopy of high-tech LED rods, located at the epicenter of the Gayborhood, across the hall from Lucca 390+ (the upstairs sister to Lucca 390 on the 1st floor).  Asia Blue is the city’s oldest gay bar (having re-located many times) still currently in operation.  Other than owner (and fabulously friendly character) Andy Wong, little English is spoken.  Customers are generally a good mix of age, size and friendly levels.  Lots of dice games, and expect popup karaoke late in the night.  Private KTV room in the raised loft space.

Asia Blue interior barAndy has no interest in packing out the bar and making it compete with it’s very close neighbors Lucca 390, HUNT, Rice, etc…  — he sees Asia Blue complimenting those bars as an alternative space that allows for chill-out before and after in comfort and privacy. For those in the know, Asia Blue has rapidly become the new “Eddy’s” of Shanghai since Eddy’s closed in 2016. Best after midnight. Be prepared to loose track of time and watch the sunrise with your new friends.

In my opinion, entering Asia Blue is like entering Andy’s living room. I go for the friendship with him and his fabulous over-the-top personality. In all the time I’ve known Andy (~15 years), he respectfully treats his bar guests just like we are entering his home. He does not focus on business profit — his focus is on quality of life and fun — for all guests and himself. As long as the bar can maintain it’s monthly costs, he is happy and content.

Asia Blue interior LEDThis is what makes Asia Blue such a rare treat to find in the world — a friendly, local, neighborhood, uber gay, fun and happy environment, where you may not know Andy when you arrive, but you will be a good friend of his by the time you leave.

Other bars cannot be compared — they are more traditional, and are focussed only on profits (door sales, drink margins etc..) — rarely will you ever even see the owner at them. They are run like machines. They are often impersonal. They are often heartless, souless and cold feeling.  I personally don’t like this style and far prefer the friendly sisterhood of Andy and his wide collection of friends that meet at Asia Blue.

Some of my most fun nights in Shanghai were in various Asia Blue iterations.  9:30pm until daylight, daily.

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2nd Floor, 390 Panyu Road, by Fahuazhen Road
Taxi: 上海市 长宁区 番禺路 390 号 , 时代大厦二楼近法华镇路


Asia Blue Gay Bar in Shanghai | Asia Blue是上海最古老的Gay吧

Asia Blue


Asia Blue interior Toby table如果你想在夜晚的上海, 找一个即安静又友好和高档的地方去结识新朋友, Asia Blue绝对是你的不二之选.  一个上海本地特色且有非常多故事的LGBT约会交友之地, Asia Blue从开业以来, 一直受到当地不同年龄段的华人和外国人的青睐.

蓝色亚洲是一家当地人的同志酒吧,位于盖博洛德(Gayborhood)的中心,从卢卡(Lucca)穿过,大厅带有营地装饰,酒吧空间很宽敞,里面装扮着高科技LED灯,美轮美奂。Asia Blue是上海最古老的Gay吧,虽然经历了多次搬迁,但目前仍在营业,并且生意很好,这离不开酒吧老板Andy友善的性格和为人。酒吧的客人涵盖少年到老人等各个年龄段的人,相信去那边偶遇会是个不错的主意。酒吧里有很多骰子游戏,每到深夜时,经常能听到高潮不断的卡拉OK音乐,酒吧高架阁楼空间内还有私人KTV房间。营业时间是每天晚上9:30,直到第二天白天。

酒吧虽坐落于上海Gay文化中心地, “老板”Andy王先生(?哈哈), 却没有要”认真”包装Asia Blue的想法, 更没有想要与Gay 吧邻居们成为竞争对手, 比如Lucca 390, HUNT, Rice,等等, Asia Blue只是在安静舒适的夜晚, 静静的等着他的朋友们的姗姗来到. 对于了解上海Gay文化历史的朋友, 如所知的, 上海另一个著名Gay 吧Eddy’s停止经营之后, Asia Blue渐渐的成为上海新的”Eddy’s”. 来吧, 一起来吧, 来Asia Blue结识新朋友, 准备好忘记时间, 和他(们)一起看窗外那初升的太阳吧!

Asia Blue promo sign在我看来,去Asia Blue就像是去Andy家的客厅。我欣赏Andy的人格魅力并珍惜我们的友谊。认识Andy15年多,他尊重每一位到Asia Blue的朋友,对待我们就像对待去他家做客的客人,Andy严格来说不是生意人,他并不关注生意上的盈利,他只关注他和客人朋友们的生活和娱乐的质量。只要收支平衡,Andy就会开心并知足,Andy是个感恩的人。

Asia Blue这样的“运营模式”至少于我而言,在世界上是少有的。一个友好的,本地的,地理位置好的,超级gay的,欢乐的娱乐环境氛围。来者是客,走时亦友。

Asia Blue和其他酒吧没有可比性,其他的传统性质的酒吧,更关注的是利润(门票,售卖品的利润率,等等),而作为客人,你并不会经常见到他们的老板。他们生意模式就像机器运行一样,没有特色和个性,给我感觉是冰冷的,没有灵魂的。我并不喜欢那样的酒吧,个人更愿意和“小姐妹”Andy以及来自世界各地喜欢去Asia Blue的友好的朋友们一起到Asia Blue聚会。

WeChat ID微信公众号AsiaBlueBar
上海市 长宁区 番禺路 390 号 , 时代大厦二楼近法华镇路


Asia Blue gay bar in Shanghai Shanghai LGBT Gay bar Asia Blue & Lucca390+ 2nd Floor map from Stairs Asia Blue gay bar in Shanghai Shanghai LGBT Gay bar Asia Blue & Lucca390+ 2nd Floor map from Elevator Asia Blue gay bar in Shanghai Asia Blue (Shanghai Gay Bar) interior cornerAsia Blue (Shanghai Gay Bar) interiorAsia Blue (Shanghai Gay Bar) interiorAsia Blue bar price menuAsia Blue & Lucca 390+ Panyu Lu 2nd Floor Floorplan (Times Building)

⚣⚣⚣⚣ SUMMARY ⚣⚣⚣⚣

Crowd Size
Gold StarGold Star
Avg. Age Range
20-30 years 
Avg. Guest Mix
90% Chinese 华人
5%   SE Asian 东南亚人
5%   Western 外国人
International Quality
Gold StarGold StarGold Star
Seat Comfort
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
English Spoken (owner)
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
English Spoken (staff)
Gold Star
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Music Quality
Gold StarGold Star/Gold Star
Cocktail Quality
Gold StarGold Star
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Free 免费
Value for Money
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Payment Methods
Payment cash wechat alipay


Map of Shanghai Gayborhood 上海Gay邻 Shanghai Gay Bars LGBT scene


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