TinTypes (Broadway)

Tintypes (Broadway Film)

The presentation on video of the previously recorded Broadway production of TINTYPES conceived by Mary Kyte with Mel Marvin and Gary Pearle, opened on Broadway at the John Golden Theatre on Oct 23, 1980 and closed on Jan 11, 1981 after 11 previews and 93 performances.  Originally broadcast on TV in 1982.

Produced by Richmond Crinkley, Royal Pardon Productions, Ivan Bloch, Larry J. Silva and Eve Skina; Produced in association with Joan F. Tobin; Originally produced by The American National Theatre and Academy and Arena Stage (Zelda Fichandler: Artistic Director)

Directed by Gary Pearle; Musical Staging by Mary Kyte; Scenic Design by Tom Lynch; Costume Design by Jess Goldstein; Lighting Design by Paul Gallo; Sound Design by Jack Mann; Hair Design by Peg Schierholz; Music arranged by Mel Marvin; Vocal arrangements by Mel Marvin and John McKinney; Music orchestrated by John McKinney and Assistant to Mr. Lynch: Adrianne Lobel.

Starring: Carolyn Mignini, Lynne Thigpen, Trey Wilson, Mary Catherine Wright and Jerry Zaks

Understudies: Wayne Bryan, Marie King and S. Epatha Merkerson

Featuring songs by Joseph F. Lamb, George M. Cohan, Henry J. Sayers, Jean Lenox, Harry C. Sutton, George Evans, Ren Shields, Richard H. Buck, Adam Geibel, Joe Hayden, Theo A. Metz, John Philip Sousa, Harry B. Smith, Karl Hoschna, Artie MatthewsAndrew Sterling, Kerry Mills, Scott Joplin, Will D. Cobb, Gus Edwards, Vincent P. Bryan, Thomas P. Westendorf, Katherine Lee Bates, Samuel Ward, J. W. Johnson, James Reese Europe, Bob Cole, Henry Blossom, Victor Herbert, Alex Rogers, Bert Williams, Shepard N. Edmonds, Anna Held, V. Scotto, Jim Burris, Chris Smith, Ethelbert Nevin, George Walker, Joseph E. Howard, Ida Emerson, Ed Moran, J. Fred Helf, Arthur J. Lamb, Harry Von Tilzer, Hughie Cannon, Glen MacDonough, J. Will Callahan, Lee S. Roberts, Reese ‘Pree and Theodore M. Metz

General Manager: McCann & Nugent Productions, Inc.; Company Manager: James A. Gerald

Production Stage Manager: Steve Beckler; Stage Manager: Bonnie Panson; Assistant Stage Manager: Marie King

Conducted by Mel Marvin; Pianist: Mel Marvin; Assistant Conductor: Clay Fullum; Music Contractor: Dean Plank; Trombone: Dean Plank; Violin: Jill Jaffe; Cello: Daryl Goldberg; Woodwinds: Les Scott; Drums/Percussion: Bruce Doctor

Special Effects by Chic Silber; Logo Design by Frederic Marvin

Production Coordinator: Brent Peek; General Press Representative: Hunt / Pucci Associates; Casting: Deborah Brown; Dance Captain: Wayne Bryan; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Photographer: Roger Greenawalt and Susan Cook; Press Representative: James Sapp

Logo BTN - Broadway Television NetworkAs Executive Vice President (and shareholder) of short-lived Broadway Television Network, established in 2000 as a Pay-Per-View network dedicated to presenting shows presented under the banner, “Live from Broadway, One Night Only“.  Clash of vision (and personality): the board wanted PPV special events, I wanted to stream through membership and sell downloads ongoing.  I lost the battle, and left a few months later.  History proved me right.

Executive Management included Kay Kopolvitz (Chairman of the Board); Bruce Brandwen (CEO); Don Roy King (TV Creative Director); Jerry Zaks (Stage Creative Director); Toby Simkin (Executive Vice President New Media); Nick van Hoogstraten (Vice President Production) & Susan Lee (Director of Marketing).


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