Project Description

Temptation 1990 Westminster London Poster Toby

Temptation (West End)

Company and Stage Manager for Václav Havel’s TEMPTATION, a drama, which opened at the Westminster Theatre (now the re-built St. James Theatre), in London’s West End on June 6, 1990 and closed on July 14, 1990, after 48 performances and a budget of £250,000.

A Faustian play written by the Czech playwright (and President) in 1985 has given the Faust legend a provocative twist, where ‘Dr. Henry Forster’ is a scientist, and part of an institution that looks down on the occult and it’s uses. Following the course of the original story, Dr. Henry Forster makes a deal with the devil to forward his love life and career, but in the end pays the ultimate price of his soul, showing internal conflict as he struggles to reconcile his beliefs and his honor with his needs and desires.

Produced by Westminster Productions Ltd. and presented at the Westminster Theatre.

Written by Václav Havel; Translated from the Czech by George Theiner; Produced by Hugh Steadman Williams; Directed by James Roose-Evans; Set Design by Bruno Santini and Michael T. Roberts; Costume Design by Ian MacNeil; Lighting Design by David Lawrence; Sound Design & Incidental Music by Kevin Mal