Steel Pier (Broadway)

Steel Pier (Broadway)

STEEL PIER with book by David Thompson, music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb and conceived by Scott Ellis, Susan Stroman, and David Thompson opening on Broadway on April 24, 1997 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, closing on June 28, 1997 after 33 previews and 76 performances.

Produced by Roger Berlind; Associate Producer: PACE Theatrical Group,Inc

Directed by Scott Ellis; Choreographed by Susan Stroman; Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Peter Kaczorowski; Sound Design by Tony Meola; Projection Design by Wendall K. Harrington; Hair Design by David Brian Brown; Dance & incidental music arrangements by Glen Kelly; Music orchestrated by Michael Gibson and Musical Director & Vocal arrangements by David Loud.

Starring Gregory Harrison (Mick Hamilton), Daniel McDonald (Bill Kelly), Karen Ziemba (Rita Racine), Debra Monk (Shelby Stevens), Alison Bevan (Dora Foster / Couple #26), Andy Blankenbuehler (Couple #8), Joel Blum(Buddy Becker / Couple #17), Brad Bradley (Couple #54 / Couple #14 / Couple #55), Ronn Carroll (Mr. Walker), Kristin Chenoweth (Precious McGuire / Couple #4 / Couple #25), Rosa Curry (Mick’s Pick   Couple #3   Couple #11 / Couple #34), Robert Fowler (A Flying Dunlap / Couple #56 / Couple #11 / Couple #40), Ida Gilliams (Couple #44 / Couple #41 / Couple #40), John C. Havens (Luke Adams   Couple #32), Jack Hayes (A Flying Dunlap / Couple #50 / Couple #18 / Couple #34), JoAnn M. Hunter (A Flying Dunlap / Couple #46), Mary Illes (Mick’s Pick / Couple #54 / Couple #19/ Couple #29), John MacInnis (Dr. Johnson / A Flying Dunlap / Couple #3 / Couple #41), Dana Lynn Mauro (Couple #8), Daniel McDonald (Couple #39), Elizabeth Mills (Couple #50   Couple #30), Gregory Mitchell(Sonny / Couple #46 / Couple #25), Debra Monk (Couple #32), Jim Newman (Happy McGuire / Couple #4), Casey Nicholaw (Corky / Couple #51 / Couple #19), Adam Pelty (Preacher / Couple #44 / Couple #30), Sarah Solie Shannon(Mick’s Pick / Couple #51 / Couple #55), Timothy Warmen (Johnny Adel / Couple #26 / Couple #29), Leigh-Anne Wencker (A Flying Dunlap / Couple #56 / Couple #18 / Couple #14), Valerie Wright (Bette Becker / Couple #17), Karen Ziemba (Couple #39)

Swings: Julio AgustinLeslie BellAngelique Ilo, and Scott Taylor (Standby: Cady Huffman (Rita Racine, Shelby Stevens) and  Brian Sutherland (Mick Hamilton, Bill Kelly)

Understudies: Julio Agustin (Johnny Adel),  Leslie Bell (Bette Becker),  Alison Bevan (Shelby Stevens),  Brad Bradley (Buddy Becker, Mr. Walker),  JoAnn M. Hunter (Bette Becker),  Mary Illes (Precious McGuire),  Angelique Ilo (Dora Foster),  John MacInnis (Happy McGuire),  Gregory Mitchell (Johnny Adel),  Jim Newman (Bill Kelly),  Casey Nicholaw (Luke Adams, Mr. Walker),  Adam Pelty (Buddy Becker, Luke Adams),  Sarah Solie Shannon (Precious McGuire),  Scott Taylor (Happy McGuire),  Timothy Warmen (Mick Hamilton),  Leigh-Anne Wencker (Dora Foster) and  Valerie Wright (Rita Racine) /

Cast Replacement: Brian O’Brien (Dr. Johnson / A Flying Dunlap / Couple #3 / Couple #41)

Understudy Replacement: Brian O’Brien (Happy McGuire)

Associate Choreographer: Chris Peterson; Assistant Director: Michael Unger; Assistant Scenic Design: Larry Gruber, Daniel Kuchar,  and Jane Mancini; Associate Costume Design: Lynn Bowling, and Martha Bromelmeier; Assistant to Mr. Kaczorowski: Philip Rosenberg; Assistant Sound Design: Marie Renee Foucher;

General Manager: Marvin A. Krauss Associates,Inc.; Company Manager: Carl Pasbjerg; Assistant Company Manager: Craig Clare;Production Stage Manager: Beverley Randolph; Stage Manager: Frank Lombardi; Assistant Stage Manager: James Marr

Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Dance Captain: Chris Peterson; Assistant Dance Captain: Angelique Ilo, and Scott Taylor; Dialect Coach: K.C. Ligon; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin/ BuyBroadway Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne,Inc.; Head Props: Laura Koch; Magic Consultant: Mike Makman; Special Effects Assistant: Elaine J. McCarthy

Musical Coordinator: John Monaco; Conducted by David Loud; Associate Conductor: James Moore; Trumpet: Jeffrey Kievit, Christian Jaudes, and Richard Kelley; Concert Master: Alexander Vselensky; Tenor Trombone: Charles Gordon; Bass Trombone / Tuba: Earl McIntyre; French Horn: Roger Wendt, and Anita Miller; Bass: Robert Renino; Guitar / Banjo: Greg Utzig; Keyboard: Antony Geralis, and James Moore; Drums: Bruce Doctor; Percussion: Mark Sherman; Violin: Alexander Vselensky, Christopher Cardona, and Paul Woodiel; Viola / Violin: Susan Follari, and Jill Jaffe; Cello: Jennifer Langham; Woodwind: Lawrence Feldman, William Shadel, Andy Drelles, and Ken Berger; Synthesizer Programmer: Andrew Barrett

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Set in the Depression-era world of marathon dancing, Steel Pier brought together an assortment of characters desperate to dance their way to fame and prizes.  Kristin Chenoweth as Precious, made her Broadway debut. The show opened to mixed reviews, most praising the performances and score but calling the book a mess. It was considered Kander and Ebb’s year so it was generally believed it would win Best Musical, Score and Book but lost all to Titanic.

Steel Pier

Steel Pier (Broadway) STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 01 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 02 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 03 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 04 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 05 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 06 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 07 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 08 STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway photo 09STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway marquee STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway design Facade by Tony WaltonSTEEL PIER 1997 Broadway playbill billing STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway playbill coverSteel Pier Broadway Program STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway playbill headshots STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway souvenir book billing STEEL PIER 1997 Broadway souvenir book cover

Musical Numbers

Act One:

Overture (Orchestra); “Prelude” (Orchestra); “Willing to Ride” (Karen Ziemba); “Everybody Dance” (Gregory Harrison, Mary Illes, Rosa Curry, Sarah Solie Shannon, Company); “Second Chance” (Daniel McDonald); “Montage I” (Company); “A Powerful Thing” (Gregory Harrison, Ronn Carroll); “Dance with Me” and “The Last Girl” (Gregory Harrison, Karen Ziemba, Daniel McDonald, Company); “Montage II” (Company) and “The Shag” (Dancers); “Everybody’s Girl” (Debra Monk); “Two Step” (Dancers); “Wet” (Karen Ziemba, Daniel McDonald); “Harmonica Specialty” (John C. Havens); “Lovebird” (Karen Ziemba); “The Sprints” (Gregory Harrison, Ronn Carroll, Daniel McDonald, Company); “Everybody Dance” (reprise) (Gregory Harrison, Company)

Act Two:

Entr’acte (Orchestra); “Leave the World Behind” (Daniel McDonald, Karen Ziemba, Company); “Montage III” (Company); “Somebody Older” (Debra Monk); “Running in Place” (Karen Ziemba); “Two Little Words” (Kristin Chenoweth, Mary Illes, Rosa Curry, Sarah Solie Shannon, Company); “First You Dream” (Daniel McDonald, Karen Ziemba); “Steel Pier” (Gregory Harrison, Karen Ziemba, Mary Illes, Rosa Curry, Sarah Solie Shannon); “Steel Pier” (reprise) (Company); “Final Dance” (Karen Ziemba, Daniel McDonald, Dancers)

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