Soul Of Shaolin (Broadway)

Soul Of Shaolin (Broadway)

SOUL OF SHAOLIN by the Shaolin Temple Wushu Martial Artists with music by Zhou Chenglong opened on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre on Jan 15, 2009 and closed on Jan 31, 2009 after 3 previews and 21 performances for a total gross of USD $1,225,360 from 30,406 patrons.

Produced by Nederlander Worldwide Productions and Eastern Shanghai Cultural Film & Television Group; Presented by China on Broadway; Shanghai Producer: Wang Jingbo; Executive Producer: Fang Jun and Robert Nederlander, Jr.

Directed by Liu Tongbiao; Choreographed by Liu Tongbiao; Director & Stage Supervisor: Wang Zhenpeng; Scenic Design by Xie Tongmiao; Costume Design by Huang Gengying; Lighting Design by Song Tianjiao; Sound Design by Wu Feifei and Keith Caggiano; Make-Up Design by Chen Meiping.

Starring Yu Fei (Hui Guang as young man), Wang Feihu (Ensemble), Pan Fuynag (Ensemble), Li Guanghui (Ensemble), Bai Guojun (Abbot), Xia Haojie (Ensemble), Jia Honglei (Ensemble), Dong Junpeng (Ensemble), Cai Kehe (Ensemble), Li Lin (Hui Guang’s Mother (special appearance)), Li Panpan (Ensemble), An Pukang (Ensemble),Wang Sen (Hui Guang as boy), Sun Shengli (Ensemble), Lu Shilei (Ensemble), Liu Wancheng (Ensemble), Yang Wei(Ensemble), Liu Weidong (Ensemble), Yang Xianyu (Ensemble), Wang Xiaogang (Ensemble), Zhang Xinbo (Ensemble), Dong Xingfeng (Ensemble), Hou Yanjie (Ensemble), Wang Yanshuang (Ensemble), Shang Yaofei (Ensemble), Wang Yazhi (Hui Guang’s Mother), Tian Yinan (Ensemble), Dong Yingbo (Hui Guang as teenager), Shi Zhendong (Ensemble) and Zhang Zhigang (Na Luo / Master)

Shanghai Production Manager: Fang Yongnian; General Manager: Donald Frantz and Laurie Brown; Shanghai General Manager: Li Zhixiang and Executive Director: Xue Weijun

Chief Martial Arts Director: Jiao Hongbo; Martial Arts Director: Jiang Dongxu and Zhu Huayin; General Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: Margery Singer Company; Advertising: The Eliran Murphy Group, Ltd., Barbara Eliran, Jon Bierman, Frank Verlizzo and Sasha DeFazio; Shanghai Marketing Director: Wang Zaiping; Asian Marketing: Wei Zhou; Artwork: Fraver (flyer and poster design by Toby Simkin); Press Associate: Christine Olver.

Nederlander Worldwide EntertainmentAs Executive Producer & Senior Vice President of Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment LLC since 2000, a New York division of the Nederlander Organization charged with international development of theatrical markets, venues and shows.

Soul Of Shaolin

Soul Of Shaolin (Broadway) Soul Of Shaolin (Broadway) Soul Of Shaolin (Broadway)

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