Project Description


As VP of Asia Pacific for TML and Executive Producer for Richard O’Brien’s ROCKY HORROR SHOW opened at the COEX Artium Stage, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea on August 27, 2010 and ran until October 10, 2010. Produced by TML Enterprises Pty Ltd., presented by ShowDream. Produced by Tim Lawson and Executive Producer: Toby Simkin.

Director: Christopher Luscombe; Associate Director: Michael Howcroft; Choreographer: Jenny Arnold; Set Designer: Janet Bird; Costume Designer: Sue Blane; Associate Costume Designer: Christopher Pope; Wig Designer: Darren Ware; Lighting Designer: Nick Richings; Associate Lighting Designer: Jeremy Duncan; Shadow Puppet Designer: Mervyn Millar; Musical Arrangements: Richard Hartley; Additional Musical Arrangements: Simon Beck and Musical Supervisor: Robert Gavin

STARRING Juan Jackson (Frank); Lucy Maunder (Janet); Alex Rathgeber (Brad); Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff); Nicole Melloy (Magenta); Caitlin Kent (Columbia); Mark Simpson (Eddie/Doctor Scott); Lucas Glover (Rocky); Nick Christo (Phantom); Vincent HooperMeghan O’Shea and Angela Scundi (Phantom Swing); Ryan Stuart (Male Swing) with Suk Chun Hong, Byoung Jun Lee and Kang (alternating as Narrator)

Musical Director: Craig Renshaw; Resident Director: Siobhan Ginty; Stage Manager: Laura Watson; Assistant Stage Manager: Elizabeth Rogers; General Manager: Gabi Overton; AU Company Manager: Tom Lambert; Company Manager: Jayine Chung; UK Production Manager: Simon Gooding; UK Associate Production Manager: Matt Jones; AU Production Manager: Frank Harlow; UK Stage/Company Manager: Phil Sykes; Lighting Board Operator: Alex Grierson; Head of Wardrobe: Claire Rasmussen; Technical Supervisor: Pilyoung Oh; Sound: Ji Hwi Kwon; DSM: Areum Park; Head of Wardrobe: Kyung Ran Kim; Head of Make-up: Sungmin Lee; Producer (Show Dream): Han Lim; Marketing Director: Bongsu Park; Company Manager: Alika Kim and Production Assistant: Regina Shin.

The show continued onto Singapore.