Rocky Horror Show (2010 Korea)

Rocky Horror Show (South Korea)

Richard O’Brien’s ROCKY HORROR SHOW opened at the COEX Artium Stage, World Trade Centre, 159 Samseong dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea on August 27, 2010 and ran until October 10, 2010.

Produced by Tim Lawson for TML Enterprises Pty Ltd., Executive Produced by Toby Simkin. Presented by Han Lim for ShowDream Company (Bong Too Park).

Directed by Christopher Luscombe; Choreographed by Jenny Arnold; Set Designed by Janet Bird; Costumes Designed by Sue Blane; Lighting Designed by Nick Richings; Wigs Designed by Darren Ware; Shadow Puppets Designed by Mervyn Millar; Musical Arrangements by Richard Hartley; Additional Musical Arrangements by Simon Beck and Musical Supervision by Robert Gavin.

STARRING Juan Jackson (Frank); Lucy Maunder (Janet); Alex Rathgeber (Brad); Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff); Nicole Melloy (Magenta); Caitlin Kent (Columbia); Mark Simpson (Eddie/Doctor Scott); Lucas Glover (Rocky); Nick Christo (Phantom); Vincent HooperMeghan O’Shea and Angela Scundi (Phantom Swing); Ryan Stuart (Male Swing) with Suk Chun Hong, Byoung Jun Lee and Kang (each alternating as Narrator)

Associate Director: Michael Howcroft; Associate Costume Designer: Christopher Pope; Associate Lighting Designer: Jeremy Duncan; Musical Director: Craig Renshaw; Resident Director: Siobhan Ginty; Stage Manager: Laura Watson; Assistant Stage Manager: Elizabeth Rogers; General Manager: Gabi Overton; AU Company Manager: Tom Lambert; Company Manager: Jayine Chung; UK Production Manager: Simon Gooding; UK Associate Production Manager: Matt Jones; AU Production Manager: Frank Harlow; UK Stage/Company Manager: Phil Sykes; Lighting Board Operator: Alex Grierson; Head of Wardrobe: Claire Rasmussen; Technical Supervisor: Pilyoung Oh; Sound: Ji Hwi Kwon; DSM: Areum Park; Head of Wardrobe: Kyung Ran Kim; Head of Make-up: Sungmin Lee; ShowDream: Han Lim; Marketing Director: Bongsu Park; Company Manager: Alika Kim and Production Assistant: Regina Shin.

The show continued onto Singapore.

TML EnterprisesFor TML Enterprises: Tim Lawson (CEO); Toby Simkin (VP Asia Pacific); Adrian Storey (Associate Producer); Gabi Overton (General Manager); Frank Harlow (Production Manager); Robbert Van Der Zwaag (Company Manager); Jay Lawrence (Ticketing); Damien Chambers (Production Associate); Tom Lambert (Production Associate); Pitcher Partners (Accounts); Peter Hourigan (Insurance); William Mulholland (Legals); AKA Australia (Marketing) and Julie Cavanagh, Bruce Pollack (Publicity).

Lucy Maunder as Janet and Alex Rathgeber as Brad with the Phantoms (Nick Christo, Vincent Hooper, Angela Scundi and Meghan O'Shea) Alex Rathgeber as Brad Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter with Alex Rathgeber as Brad and Lucy Maunder as Janet looking on Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter, Lucas Glover as Rocky with Alex Rathgeber as Brad and Lucy Maunder as Janet looking on Lucas Glover as Rocky Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter in the arms of Lucas Glover as Rocky Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter in bed with Lucy Maunder as Janet Alex Rathgeber as Brad in bed with Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff Lucas Glover as Rocky and Juan Jackson as Frank n Furter Caitlin Kent as Columbia Rocky Horror Show in Korea Rocky Horror Show in Korea Rocky Horror Show in Korea Rocky Horror Show 2010 Korea Group TML Enterprises credits Rocky Horror Show 2010 Korea Seoul Rocky Horror Show Toby In Lobby Display Toby Rocky Horror Show (2010 Korea)

South Korea used to be like the wild west.

Korean Investors Offices wired payments by bank transfer WWWToday South Korea is very different, but when we produced this show, it was the wild west, where the South Korean “investment business partners” faked up wire transfer documents for the advance payments required, using a fake office address (see photo), fake bank paperwork and of course, the contractual money was not sent.  It was a wild adventure behind the scenes to get from week to week, without the company knowing, to get the required money to pay for salaries, per diems, cargo shipments, travel, accommodations etc…  I used a variety of threats of non performance, press events, diplomatic and government actions to get truncheons of what was owing paid, each week.Rocky Horror Show faked CARGO release on Oct 10 with Korean police allowing us to secure our physical assets

At the end, anticipating that the South Korean “investment business partners” would try and steal our sets, costumes and props by instructing the venue not to release them after final show, it required me to do their process, but in reverse, faking up “release” documents (see photo) to provide local police and venue security the comfort to allow our trucks into the venue at 2am (after our “investment business partners” would be asleep), to be loaded (quickly) before 5am (fastest load-out ever thanks to advance planning and a great crew), for onward touring to New Zealand (via Singapore).

Sure enough, the strategy worked, we secured our assets, the local police opened the venue truck gates for us, and the following morning, after our assets were already loaded on the ship seabound (which left port at 9am), the local Korean “investment business partners” arrived to an empty theatre.

This allowed our tour to continue on.

 Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Rocky Horror Show Scenary Construction Korean Investors Offices wired payments by bank transfer WWWRocky Horror Show faked CARGO release on Oct 10 with Korean police allowing us to secure our physical assets

Rocky Horror Show Characters

THE NARRATOR – Male: the older and wiser the better. | The narrator would like, if he may, to take us on a strange journey, and indeed he provides the vital link for the audience, both as friend and conspirator, to the events of the story as it unfolds. The role has traditionally been played by a profiled celebrity actor and in his role as guide throughout the proceedings, the breakdown really is dependant on the style of the profiled actor. However, experience has proved that a male actor between late 40’s and 50’s works well, who might have been, or remains, a TV news reader or presenter, or perhaps a well known ‘serious’ stage actor. Whatever the background, they should have the friendly gravitas for our audience to feel warm towards them, but not too comfortable. He is also traditionally the only character who may react with the audience and when there are inevitable heckles from the audience, it works best when the actor has a string of witty retorts available with which to reply.

FRANK’N’FURTER – Male: 30’ | The key Frank’n’furter is that he should be both physically and sexually attractive to women and men. This is not about camp or drag; it is about manly bisexuality and transvestism in a way which allows everyone to question quite which sex he prefers. He is mysterious, mischievous, outrageous and out spoken, self gratifying and self centred, but capable of a sensitivity and passion that exceeds his human counterparts. He is also the most senior of the aliens we meet from the planet Transsexual in the Galaxy of Transylvania.

BRAD MAJORS – Janet’s fiancé | Male: 20’s | Archetypal handsome American college jock. The boy every clean living American girl would want to take home to her family. He is well mannered, just muscular enough to be a jock but not a stud,. Just sensitive enough to be a gentleman but not a geek. Just shy enough to….perhaps try something a little naughty. Attractive, smart and intelligent but with a simple charm and naivety about him which, like Janet, could well be his undoing. As with Janet, Brad discovers himself throughout his experience over at the Frankenstein Place and whilst we never quite know to what effect it has on him in the future, it certainly has a major effect on him during the production.

JANET WEISS – Brad’s Fiancée | Female: 20’s |  | Archetypal attractive all-american girl next door. The girl every clean living American boy would want to take home to his family. Janet is quiet, but just a little annoying; doting, but not quite enough to stop her from straying; and beautiful ….and she probably knows it. Despite her love for Brad, there is an underlying sense that it doesn’t take long for this Eve to taste the forbidden apple. And once Frank has made love to her, her sudden attraction to muscles makes Rocky a very swift second course.

RIFF RAFF – Frank’n’furter’s Servant and Magenta’s Brother | Male: 30 – 40 | The worm that turned…..obsequious manservant to Frank’n’furter. A slimy, uncomfortable creature with a less than welcoming chilly manner. Not too pleasant to look at and a hump to add to the effect. Lythe, repulsive, Machiavellian, and subservient. But also misunderstood and adoring of his sister, Magenta. He also has a slow burning desire which, by the end of the story, allows him the strength to take surprising control of the situation and, with the sole purpose of killing Frank and taking himself and his sister back to their beloved planet, shows great strength of character in murdering Frank and his toy, Rocky.

MAGENTA – Riff Raff’s Sister | Female: 30’s | MAGENTA is strong and confident, but remains subservient to Frank’n’Furter. She tolerates her stay on Planet Earth with a degree of reticence though secretly, like her brother, is bored of what earth has to offer and wishes to return to planet Transexual. She is exotic, bewitching, smart and beguiling, but her emotions are difficult to judge and one senses a great inner strength.

USHERETTE | Female: 30’s |  opens and closes the production with Science Fiction. With her adoration for ‘B’ movies she is the catalyst by which our audience enters the fantasy world of the Rocky Horror story.

COLUMBIA – Eddie and Franks Ex Lover.Female: 30’s | Ditzy pop tart who just happens to have come along for the ride. She is excitable, energised, frenetic and most certainly is several sandwiches short of a picnic. Whilst the others might grow weary of their surrounding, Columbia finds excitement in everything. She is the mad drinking companion we all wish we had, but she is also the nutter on the bus you can’t stop yourself taking to. Bubbly, energised, fun and neurotic all bundled up in a ball of sillyness.

ROCKY – Frank’n’furter’s new creation. | Male: 20’s | Forget Arnie. Forget Rambo, Forget Charles Atlas. This is Rocky. A beautiful specimen of muscular manhood created by Frank’n’furter for his pleasure and sexual amusement. His body is perfect and he is beautiful to look at. The epitomy of godliness in a young man. Sadly he only has half a brain, and we’re not entirely sure if that is working – he is boyish, shy, naive, simple and unobjectionable. But wants to learn quickly….perhaps too quickly. And whilst Frank may have desires on hoping Rocky may prevail upon his own sexual whims, Rocky is rather too quickly seduced by Janet. Whether he knows which is right and which is wrong, he certainly seems to please.

EDDIE – Frank’n’furter’s ex lover | Male: 30’s | EDDIE is the jilted lover of Frank’n’furter (and Columbia). He is a rough leather clad biker type., rather too heavy in build. He was once, we imagine, rather attractive, but has lost his way a bit. One wonders how he ever coped with the glamorous bi-sexual world with Frank – looking at him now, he is very much past his prime. But he is still adored by Columbia and his brief return in Act One with the Rock and Roll jive number ‘Hot Patootie creates great excitement from all except Frank, who swiftly chops him up into pieces with a chain saw.

DR SCOTT – EDDIE’S UNCLE | Male: 50’s | DR SCOTT is Janet and Brad’s elderly science teacher who also works secretly for the Government attached to the Bureau of the investigation of UFO’s. He is a friendly, kindly professor type and the only sensible and responsible adult in the piece. Wheelchair bound, one wonders why he has joined the party. Is it a chance visit or , as Frank believes, is there a conspiracy between Dr Scott and Brad to capture the aliens?

PHANTOMS | Male and Female – 20’s | The mysterious ‘chorus’ of the piece. Are they shadows? Are they gargoyles that come to life? Are they ghosts? Their mystery is as much a part of the production as the other outlandish characters we meet, and they provide for us all the elements of traditional greek chorus, practically, physically and verbally manipulating the story as it unfolds. They provide vocal choral backing through out the musical score, and, in the current UK production, physically manipulate the space as creators of the various environments we are taken to. Unlike the other characters on stage, we are always aware of their presence but they rarely intrude into the ‘physical scenes’

My COVID-19 Parodies of ROCKY HORROR SHOW in March 2020 and May 2022 in Shanghai Lockdown 

Rocky Horror Show COVID 19 Shanghai 2022 reimagined Poster


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