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Richard III (QTC Brisbane) [Poster]

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QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

The Queensland Theatre Company

Sound Operator & Production Assistant for Richard III by William Shakespeare from May 23 to June 14, 1980, at the S.G.I.O. Theatre, Brisbane, for the Queensland Theatre Company.

Directed by Alan Edwards; Designed by Graham Maclean; Fight Director: John Humphreys; Composer by Andrew Schultz; Lighting Designed by Victor Ashelford; Stage Managed by Ellen Kennedy; Assistant Stage Managed by Colin Wilson; Sound Operator/Production Assistant: Toby Simkin.

STARRING John Krummel (Richard III, Duke of Gloucester); Robert Alexander (George, Duke of Clarence) and Kerry Francis (Duke of Buckingham) with Grant Adams (Edward, Prince of Wales / Lord Cardinal); Terry Brady (Sir Richard Radcliffe); Reginald Cameron (King Edward IV); Malcolm Cork (Henry, Earl of Richmond – afterwards, King Henry VII); Gregory Gesch (Marquis of Dorset); Douglas Hedge (Sir James Tyrrel / Lord Mayor of London); Laurence Hodge (Lord Stanley); Fay Kelton (Lady Anne); Rohan McKenna (Duke of York); Phil Moye (Lady Anne’s Guard); Dale Murison (Mistress Jane Shore); Errol O’Neill (Lord Rivers); Bruce Parr (Lord Grey); Lynne Porteous (Queen Elizabeth); Harry Scott (Sir William Catesby); Kit Taylor (Lord Hastings); Gwen Wheeler (Duchess of York, the Queen Mother) and Leo Wockner (Sir Richard Brakenbury)

Understudies included: Harry Scott (Richard III, Duke of Gloucester); Douglas Hedge (Duke of Clarence); Terry Brady (Duke of Buckinghamshire); Phil Moye (all other male roles) and Dale Murison (all female roles).

And for the Queensland Theatre Company:

Executive Staff: Alan Edwards (Director); Gregory Gesch (Assistant Director); Lloyd Nickson (Director, Theatre in Education); Arthur Frame (Production Manager), Gillian Coar (Executive Officer), Ken Kennett (Public Relations & Publicity Officer), June Craw (Finance and Business Officer), Helen Mayes (Clerical Assistant), Lewis Savage (Subscriptions Officer), Diane Leith (Administration) and Jennie Lewis (Receptionist),

Production Staff: James Ridewood (Resident Designer); Caroline Gyucha (Scenic Artist); James Henson (Lighting Designer); Gary Cameron (Properties); Paul Parkinson (Properties); David Palm (Properties); Howard Steele (Head Carpenter); Des Dougan (Carpenter); Peter Vosiliunas (Carpenter); Cornelis Boogaart (Apprentice Carpenter); Lexi Wright (Wardrobe Supervisor); Jay Mansfield-Askew (Wardrobe Supervisor); Cynthia Bowen (Wardrobe Supervisor);  Danny Healy (Wardrobe); Arlie McGill (Wardrobe); Anne Long (Wardrobe); Yvette O’Brien (Production Secretary); Dawn Grieg (Wardrobe Hire); Derrick George (Photographer); Magda Wollner (QTC Guild Coordinator); Yolande Bird (London Representative); Diana Franklin (London Representative); Michael Menzies (New York Representative) and John Krummel (Sydney Casting & Repertoire Consultant)

S.G.I.O. Theatre Staff: Jim Wright (Manager), Don Fergusson (Assistant Manager), Ray Calcutt (Head Mechanist), Patrick (Paddy) Teuma (Head Electrician), Dallas Black (Booking Office) and Kay Fifas (Booking Office)

Associate Artists: Billie Brown; Carol Burns; Reginald CameronIvar Kants; Joe MacColum; Warren Mitchell; James Ridewood, Cliff Simcox; Babette Stephens, M.B.E. and Geraldine Turner.

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** Please note that the art used in the above poster is representative based on memory of the original poster, which unfortunately has been lost in time.  If you have better artwork for this production please contact me.