Rent (London) [Poster]

Rent (London)

RENT with book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson, original West End production previewed April 21st 1998, opened on May 12th 1998 and closed on October 30th 1999 at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London largely utilizing the same team as its Broadway production.

Produced by Jeffrey Seller, Kevin McCollum, Allan S. Gordon, in association with Duncan C. Weldon

Directed by Michael Greif; Choreography by Marlies Yearby; Musical Direction by Dave Adams; Sets by Paul S. Clay; Costumes by Angela Wendt; Lighting by Blake Burba; Sound by Steve Canyon Kennedy & Jon Weston.

The original West End cast included Anthony Rapp (Mark Cohen), Adam Pascal (Roger Davis), Krysten Cummings (Mimi Marquez), Jesse L. Martin (Tom Collins), Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Angel Schunard), Jacqui Dubois (Joanne Jefferson), Jessica Terzier (Maureen Johnson), Bonny Lockhart (Benjamin Coffin III), Rachel McFarlane (SOLoist #1), Mykal Rand (SOLoist #2), Angela Bradley (Mark’s Mom, et al), Claire Coates (Alexi Darling, et al), Leon-Maurice Jones (Paul, et al), Josh Cohen (Gordon, et al) and Robert J. Solomon (Steve, et al)

Swings/Alternates: Claudia Cadette, Hannah-Jane Fox, Peter Eldridge, Nolan Frederick and Richard Roe

Understudies: Josh Cohen (Mark Cohen & Roger Davis), Peter Eldridge (Roger Davis), Claudia Cadette (Mimi Marquez & Joanne Jefferson), Claire Coates (Mimi Marquez & Joanne Jefferson), Nolan Frederick (Tom Collins & Steve, et al), Mykal Rand (Tom Collins), Wayne Perrey (Angel Schunard & Benjamin Coffin III & Steve, et al), Richard Roe (Angel Schunard), Angela Bradley (Maureen Johnson), Hannah-Jane Fox (Maureen Johnson) and Leon-Maurice Jones (Benjamin Coffin III)

Associate Sound Design by Bobby Aitken; Musical Arrangements by Steve Skinner; Original Concept/Additional Lyrics by Billy Aronson; Musical Supervision and additional Arrangements by Tim Weil; Marketing Director: Laura Matalon; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin; Advertising by McCabes; Casting by Pippa Ailion, Bernard Telsey Casting.

Company Managed by Philip Gault; Stage Managed by Jane Semark; Deputy Stage Managed by Kerry McDevitt; Assistant Stage Managers Tom Polo and Al Cooper.

Conductor / Keyboards: Nick Finlow; Keyboards/Guitar: Tim Maple; Bass: Phil Laughlin; Guitar: Ant Glynne and Drum Kit & Percussion: Kev Campbell.

The show won rave reviews and scooped three Olivier Award nominations, and proved to be the Shaftesbury Theatre’s biggest hit, grossing £262,000 for the theatre in just one week.

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RENT London

Rent (London) West endRENT 1998 London program cover RENT 1998 London flyer fold inside RENT 1998 London flyer fold RENT 1998 London flyer tickets RENT 1998 London flyer rush to rent RENT 1998 London flyer no day but today RENT 1998 London press time out cover RENT 1998 London program billing Rent (London) West End Rent (London) West end Rent (London) West end Rent Broadway Set Design RENT 1998 London photo cast RENT 1998 London photo exterior marquee RENT 1998 London postcard back RENT 1998 London flyer tri fold inside v2 RENT 1998 London flyer tri fold v2 RENT 1998 London flyer tri fold inside RENT 1998 London flyer tri fold RENT 1998 London program centrefoldRENT 1998 London program whos who RENT 1998 London photo wrapperRENT poster and windowcard montage

“the musical will haunt me beautifully”.

will appeal to anyone who treasures freshness and spontaneity

The production is performed with real heart and vitality by an exceptionally accomplished cast

Rent undeniably has musical talent and energy

If you go determined to succumb to the cast and their all American heart, you’ll love it.

RENT is inspired by Puccini’s “La Boheme” and concerns a group of young people who live in today’s New York. Benny, a former roommate of Mark and Roger has bought the building that they live in, including the building next door which is being used as a squat by a group of homeless people. Benny, with the help of his rich father-in-law intends turning the building into a cyber-arts studio, but first they have to evict Mark and Roger and the homeless people. However, the threatened tenants plan a protest to take place midnight Christmas Eve, which results in a riot.

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