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Rent (Broadway) [Poster] Original

Rent (Broadway)

RENT with book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson opened at the Nederlander Theatre on Broadway on April 29, 1996 running for 5,123 performances (plus 16 previews until September 7, 2008), loosely based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera “La Bohème”, grossing USD $274,248,128.00 in ticket sales.

Produced by Jeffrey Seller, Kevin McCollum, Allan S. Gordon and New York Theatre Workshop.

Directed by Michael Greif; Choreographed by Marlies Yearby; Scenic Design by Paul Clay; Costume Design by Angela Wendt; Lighting Design by Blake Burba; Sound Design by Kurt Fischer; Wig, Hair and Make-Up Designer: David Santana.

Music arranged by Steve Skinner; Additional arrangements by Tim Weil; Additional lyrics for “Santa Fe” and “La Vie Boheme/I Should Tell You” by Billy Aronson; Original concept: Billy Aronson.

Starring Gilles Chiasson (Steve, man with squeegee, a waiter, and others), Taye Diggs (Benjamin Coffin III), Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Angel Schunard), Rodney Hicks (Paul, a cop, and others), Kristen Lee Kelly (Mark’s mom, and others Apr 16, 1996 – Dec 28, 1997), Jesse L. Martin (Tom Collins Apr 16, 1996 – Jul 13, 1997), Idina Menzel (Maureen Johnson Apr 16, 1996 – Jul 01, 1997), Aiko Nakasone (Alexi Darling, Roger’s mom, and others), Timothy Britten Parker (Gordon, the man, Mr. Grey, and others), Adam Pascal (Roger Davis Apr 16, 1996 – Nov 02, 1997), Anthony Rapp (Mark Cohen), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Mimi Marquez), Gwen Stewart (Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others), Byron Utley (Christmas caroler, Mr. Jefferson, a pastor and others) and Fredi Walker (Joanne Jefferson Apr 16, 1996 – Nov 02, 1997)

Swings: Yassmin AlersDarius de HaasShelley DickinsonDavid DriverMark Setlock and Simone

Understudies: Yassmin Alers (Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson),  Gilles Chiasson (Roger Davis, Mark Cohen),  Darius de Haas (Tom Collins, Benjamin Coffin III, Angel Schunard), Shelley Dickinson (Joanne Jefferson),  David Driver(Roger Davis, Mark Cohen),  Rodney Hicks (Benjamin Coffin III),  Kristen Lee Kelly (Maureen Johnson),  Mark Setlock (Angel Schunard),  Simone (Joanne Jefferson, Mimi Marquez) and Byron Utley (Tom Collins).

Assistant Director: Martha Banta; Assistant Scenic Design: Ben Bush; Assistant Costume Design: Rafi Mercado, and Lisa Zinni; Assistant Lighting Design: Noele Stollmack; Assistant Sound Design: Jodi Cramer

General Manager: Emanuel Azenberg, and John S. Corker; Technical Supervisor: Unitech Productions,Inc.; Production Stage Manager: John Vivian; Stage Manager: Crystal Huntington; Assistant Stage Manager: Justin Scribner; Film by Tony Gerber

Press Representative: Richard Kornberg, Don Summa, Ian Rand, and Rick Miramontez; Casting: Bernard Telsey Casting,Inc.; Dramaturg: Lynn M. Thomson; Production Coordinator: Susan White; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne,Inc.; Photographer: Joan Marcus

Musical Supervisor: Tim Weil; Conducted by Tim Weil; Associate Conductor: Daniel A. Weiss; Keyboards: Tim Weil; Bass: Steve Mack; Guitar: Kenny Brescia; Drums: Jeffrey Potter; Piano/Synthesizer/Organ, Electric & acoustic Guitar: Daniel A. Weiss; Music Preparation: Eva Gianono

Replacements over it’s 12 years on Broadway

Cast Replacements: Karmine Alers (Mimi Marquez), Christian Anderson (Mark Cohen), Mayumi Ando (Alexi Darling, Roger’s mom, and others), Sebastian Arcelus (Roger Davis), Natalie Venetia Belcon (Joanne Jefferson), Maggie Benjamin (Maureen Johnson, Mark’s mom, and others), Declan Bennett (Roger Davis from Oct 08, 2007), Carla Bianco (Maureen Johnson), Richard H. Blake (Roger Davis), Jessica Boevers (Maureen Johnson, Mark’s mom, and others), Rufus Bonds,Jr. (Tom Collins), Melanie Janine Brown (Mimi Marquez Apr 19, 2004 – May 31, 2004), Mario Burrell (Christmas caroler, Mr. Jefferson, a pastor and others), Haven Burton (Mark’s mom, and others), Norbert Leo Butz (Roger Davis from Nov 04, 1997, Roger Davis Jun 29, 2000 – Aug 06, 2000), Matt Caplan (Mark Cohen until Aug 06, 2006), Jodi Carmeli (Mark’s mom, and others), T.V. Carpio (Ensemble), Will Chase (Steve, man with squeegee, a waiter, and others, Roger Davis Dec 26, 2005 – Jan 29, 2006, Roger Davis May 2008 – Sep 07, 2008), Luther Creek(Roger Davis, Ensemble, Gordon, the man, Mr. Grey, and others), Wilson Cruz (Angel Schunard), Krysten Cummings(Mimi Marquez), Merle Dandridge (Joanne Jefferson), Frenchie Davis (Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others from May 16, 2003, Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others from Jun 01, 2004), Maya Days (Mimi Marquez), Aisha de Haas (Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others), Robin De Jesús (Steve, man with squeegee, a waiter, and others), Shelley Dickinson (Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others), Tonya Dixon (Joanne Jefferson), D’Monroe(Benjamin Coffin III), Shaun Earl (Angel Schunard, Ensemble, Paul, a cop, and others), Amy Ehrlich (Mark’s mom, and others), Trey Ellett (Mark Cohen), Eden Espinosa (Maureen Johnson May 30, 2008 – Sep 07, 2008), Cristina Fadale (Maureen Johnson), Joey Fatone (Mark Cohen Aug 05, 2002 – Dec 22, 2002), Mark Richard Ford (Tom Collins), Ava Gaudet (Maureen Johnson), Robert Glean (Paul, a cop, and others), Renée Elise Goldsberry (Mimi Marquez Jun 16, 2008 – Sep 07, 2008), Andrea Goss (Alexi Darling, Roger’s mom, and others until Sep 07, 2008), Tamyra Gray (Mimi Marquez May 29, 2007 – Nov 25, 2007, Mimi Marquez to Jun 15, 2008), Danielle Lee Greaves (Joanne Jefferson), Christopher J. Hanke (Mark Cohen from Aug 07, 2006, Colin Hanlon (Gordon, the man, Mr. Grey, and others), Marcy Harriell (Mimi Marquez), Nicolette Hart (Maureen Johnson), Rodney Hicks (Benjamin Coffin III Sep 13, 2007 – Sep 07, 2008), Troy Horne (Tom Collins), Tim Howar (Roger Davis Jan 30, 2006 – Jul 29, 2006), Scott Hunt(Steve, man with squeegee, a waiter, and others), Sala Iwamatsu (Alexi Darling, Roger’s mom, and others), Mark Leroy Jackson (Tom Collins), Marcus Paul James (Christmas caroler, Mr. Jefferson, a pastor and others),