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Puppets on Parade ’82
The Queensland Marionette Theatre

Production Supervisor for Puppets on Parade ’82 at the 500 seat Twelfth Night Theatre, on Cintra Rd in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, from March 15 to 26, 1982 as a part of the Warana / Commonwealth Games Festival.

Produced by Phillip Edmiston’s Queensland Marionette Theatre, this was an updated 1 hour musical from the 1981 production, also featuring about 50 marionette puppets characters with their own costume and wig designs, directed by Phillip Edmiston, plus several tonnes of scenery.

Puppetry by Phillip EdmistonJohn Bayley and Penny Everingham; Props by Paul Parkinson.

This was a period of little sleep with late overnights, since I was also in rehearsal for Long Day’s Journey Into Night at the same time.

Puppets on Parade ’82
Queensland Marionette Theatre

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