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Play On! (Broadway)

Play On! (Broadway)

Play On! was a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, featuring the music of Duke Ellington, with a book by Cheryl L. West and conceived by Sheldon Epps on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre for 19 previews and 61 performances from March 20, 1997 to May 11, 1997

Produced by Mitchell Maxwell, Eric Nederlander, Thomas Hall, Hal Luftig, Bruce Lucker, Mike Skipper and Victoria Maxwell; Produced in association with Kery Davis and Alan J. Schuster; Associate Producer: Leon Memoli, David Levy, Nancy Eichorn, Louis F. Raizin, James L. Simon and Fred H. Krones. 

Originally produced by Old Globe Theatre (Jack O’Brien, Artistic Director; Thomas Hall, Managing Director)

Directed by Sheldon Epps; Choreographed by Mercedes Ellington; Assistant Choreographer: Delphine T. Mantz; Scenic Design by James Leonard Joy; Costume Design by Marianna Elliott; Lighting Design by Jeff Davis; Sound Design by Jeff Ladman; Hair Design by Alexis Kelley; Music arranged by Luther Henderson; Music orchestrated by Luther Henderson and Musical Director: J. Leonard Oxley;

Starring Tonya Pinkins (Lady Liv), Carl Anderson (Duke), André De Shields (Jester), Cheryl Freeman (Vy), Crystal Allen (CC), Yvette Cason (Miss Mary), Lawrence Hamilton (Rev), Larry Marshall (Sweets) with Ronald ‘Cadet’ Bastine, Jacquelyn Bird, Wendee Lee Curtis, Byron Easley, Alan H. Green, Frantz G. Hall, Gil P., Lacy Darryl Phillips, Lisa Scialabba, Erika Vaughn and  Karen Callaway Williams (as Denizens of Harlem)

Swings: Germaine Goodson, Bryan S. Haynes, Stacie Precia and William Wesley.

Understudies: Wendee Lee Curtis (CC), Alan H. Green (Duke, Rev, Sweets), Frantz G. Hall (Rev), Bryan S. Haynes (Jester), Gil P. (Sweets), Lacy Darryl Phillips (Jester), Stacie Precia (Vy, Miss Mary), Angela Robinson (Lady Liv, Vy, Miss Mary) and William Wesley (Duke).

Featuring songs by Billy Strayhorn, Don George, Harry James, Johnny Hodges, Ben Carruthers, Irving Mills, Albany “Barney” Bigard, Irving Gordon, Eddie de Lange, Henry Nemo and John Redmond; Featuring songs with lyrics by Billy Strayhorn, Don George, Harry James, Mack David, Johnny Hodges, Ben Carruthers, Irving Mills, Milton Gabler, Nick Kenny, Albany “Barney” Bigard, Irving Gordon, Eddie de Lange, Henry Nemo, John Redmond, Bob Russell and Paul Francis Webster

Musical Supervisor: Luther Henderson; Musical Coordinator: William Meade; Conducted by J. Leonard Oxley; Assistant Conductor: George Caldwell

Assistant Scenic Design: Todd Ivins, Nikita Polyansky and Peter Yesair; Production Supervisor: Technical Theater Services, Ltd.; Production Stage Manager: Robert Mark Kalfin; Stage Manager: Lurie Horns Pfeffer, Jimmie Lee Smith and Matthew Aaron Stern; Production Manager: John H. Paull, III and Rhys Williams.

General Manager: Charlotte W. Wilcox; Company Manager: Susan Sampliner; Creative Consultant: Louis Johnson; Creative Historic Consultant: Frankie Manning; Casting: Pat McCorkle and Tim Sutton; Director of Marketing: Lesley Mazzotta; Press Representative: Richard Kornberg & Associates, Rick Miramontez, Jim Byk and Don Summa; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin /; Advertising: Russek Advertising; Photographer: Carol Rosegg

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