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On Our Selection (QTC Brisbane) [Poster]

QTC The Queensland Theatre Company

The Queensland Theatre Company

Assistant Stage Manager for On Our Selection by Bert Bailey based on a book by Steele Rudd from November 6 to December 21, 1981, at the S.G.I.O. Theatre, Brisbane, for the Queensland Theatre Company.

Directed by Peter Duncan; Designed by Graham Maclean; Musical Direction by Phil Robertson; Adapted by George Whaley; Stage Managed by Patrick Whelan; Assistant Stage Managed by Toby Simkin and I was also the chook handler.

STARRING Harold Baigent (Dad); Neale Brumby (Joe); Eugene Gilfedder (Cranky Jack); Christine Jeston (Lily); Bartholomew John (Sandy); Ken Kennett (Maloney); Peter Kingston (Dave); Lyn Moorfoot (Kate); Peter Noble (Carey / Old Carey); Christine O’Connor (Sarah); Glenn Perry (Billy / Rev Mac); Carole Skinner (Mother) and Gaynor Wensley (Mrs White);

And for the Queensland Theatre Company:

Executive Staff: Alan Edwards (Director); Gregory Gesch (Assistant Director); Lloyd Nickson (Director, Theatre in Education); Arthur Frame (Production Manager), Gillian Coar (Executive Officer), Ken Kennett (Public Relations & Publicity Officer), June Craw (Finance and Business Officer), Helen Mayes (Clerical Assistant), Lewis Savage (Subscriptions Officer), Diane Leith (Administration) and Jennie Lewis (Receptionist),

Production Staff: James Ridewood (Resident Designer); Caroline Gyucha (Scenic Artist); James Henson (Lighting Designer); Gary Cameron (Properties); Paul Parkinson (Properties); David Palm (Properties); Howard Steele (Head Carpenter); Des Dougan (Carpenter); Peter Vosiliunas (Carpenter); Cornelis Boogaart (Apprentice Carpenter); Lexi Wright (Wardrobe Supervisor); Jay Mansfield-Askew (Wardrobe Supervisor); Cynthia Bowen (Wardrobe Supervisor);  Danny Healy (Wardrobe); Arlie McGill (Wardrobe); Anne Long (Wardrobe); Yvette O’Brien (Production Secretary); Dawn Grieg (Wardrobe Hire); Derrick George (Photographer); Magda Wollner (QTC Guild Coordinator); Yolande Bird (London Representative); Diana Franklin (London Representative); Michael Menzies (New York Representative) and John Krummel (Sydney Casting & Repertoire Consultant)

S.G.I.O. Theatre Staff: Jim Wright (Manager), Don Fergusson (Assistant Manager), Ray Calcutt (Head Mechanist), Patrick (Paddy) Teuma (Head Electrician), Dallas Black (Booking Office) and Kay Fifas (Booking Office)

Associate Artists: Billie Brown; Carol Burns; Reginald CameronIvar Kants; Joe MacColum; Warren Mitchell; James Ridewood, Cliff Simcox; Babette Stephens, M.B.E. and Geraldine Turner.

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This became possibly the greatest stage success Australia has known and was adapted into a silent and a sound movie. Set in a shingle hut, on the selection, Darling Downs, soon after federation.