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Music Man (Broadway)

The Music Man (Broadway & Tour)

The Broadway revival of Meredith Willson’s THE MUSIC MAN with additional book by Franklin Lacey had an Opening Night on April 27, 2000 at the Neil Simon Theatre and ran for 699 performances until December 30, 2001 achieving a total gross of USD $45,976,995 from 745,575 patrons.

Produced by Dodger Theatricals, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Elizabeth Williams, Anita Waxman, Kardana-Swinsky Productions, Lorie Cowen Levy and Dede Harris. Associate Producer: Jack Cullen; Executive Producer: Dodger Management Group (Sally Campbell Morse, Robert C. Strickstein),

Directed and Choreographed by Susan Stroman; Musical Direction by David Chase; Orchestrations by Doug Besterman; Scenic Design by Thomas Lynch; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Peter Kaczorowski; Sound Design by Jonathan Deans; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Dance arrangements & incidental musical arrangements by David Krane and Additional orchestrations by Larry Hochman.

Starring Craig Bierko (Harold Hill), Rebecca Luker (Marian Paroo), Clyde Alves (Tommy Djilas), Paul Benedict (Mayor Shinn), Ann Brown (Mrs. Squires), Ralph Byers (Charlie Cowell), Max Casella (Marcellus Washburn), Tracy Nicole Chapman (Ethel Toffelmier), Jack Doyle (Ewart Dunlop & Quartet), Blake Hammond (Jacey Squires & Quartet), Martha Hawley (Maud Dunlop), Leslie Hendrix (Alma Hix), Kate Levering (Zaneeta Shinn), Katherine McGrath (Mrs. Paroo), Michael Phelan (Winthrop Paroo), Jordan Puryear (Amaryllis), John Sloman (Oliver Hix & Quartet), Ruth Williamson (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), Michael-Leon Wooley (Olin Britt & Quartet), Cameron Adams (Resident of River City), Kevin Bogue (Traveling Salesman &  Constable Locke & Resident of River City), Sara Brenner (Resident of River City), Chase Brock (Resident of River City), Ann Whitlow Brown (Gracie Shinn), Liam Burke (Traveling Salesman & Resident of River City), E. Clayton Cornelious (Traveling Salesman& Resident of River City), Michael Duran (Traveling Salesman & Resident of River City), André Garner (Conductor & Resident of River City), Blake Hammond (Traveling Salesman), Ellen Harvey (Resident of River City), Mary Illes (Resident of River City), Joy Lynn Matthews (Resident of River City), Michael McGurk (Traveling Salesman & Resident of River City), Robbie Nicholson (Resident of River City), Ipsita Paul (Resident of River City), Pamela Remler (Resident of River City), Dan Sharkey (Traveling Salesman & Resident of River City), John Sloman (Traveling Salesman), Lauren Ullrich (Resident of River City) and Travis Wall (Resident of River City)

Swings: Jennie Ford, Cynthia Leigh Heim, Jason Snow and Jeff Williams)

Standby: Jim Walton (Harold Hill, Marcellus Washburn, Charlie Cowell)

Understudies: Cameron Adams (Gracie Shinn), Kevin Bogue (Marcellus Washburn, Olin Britt), Sara Brenner (Amaryllis, Zaneeta Shinn, Gracie Shinn), Chase Brock (Tommy Djilas), Ralph Byers (Mayor Shinn), Jack Doyle (Mayor Shinn), Michael Duran (Ewart Dunlop, Jacey Squires), Jennie Ford (Zaneeta Shinn), André Garner (Jacey Squires), Ellen Harvey (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, Mrs. Paroo, Maud Dunlop, Alma Hix), Martha Hawley (Mrs. Paroo), Cynthia Leigh Heim (Marian Paroo, Alma Hix, Mrs. Squires), Leslie Hendrix (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn), Mary Illes (Marian Paroo), Joy Lynn Matthews (Maud Dunlop, Mrs. Squires, Ethel Toffelmier), Michael McGurk (Tommy Djilas), Ipsita Paul (Ethel Toffelmier), Dan Sharkey (Olin Britt, Oliver Hix), John Sloman (Harold Hill), Lauren Ullrich (Winthrop Paroo, Amaryllis), Travis Wall (Winthrop Paroo) and Jeff Williams (Charlie Cowell, Ewart Dunlop, Oliver Hix).

Assistant to the Director: Scott Bishop; Associate Choreographer: Tara Young; Associate Director: Ray Roderick; Associate Musical Director: Robert Berman; Associate Scenic Design: Richard Jaris; Assistant Scenic Design: Matthew Bliss, James C. Feng, Jane Mancini, Thomas Peter Sarr and Curtis Wallin; Associate Costume Design: Martha Bromelmeier; Assistant to the Costume Designer: Thomas M. Beall, Laura Oppenheimer and Heather Bair; Assistant Lighting Design: Philip Rosenberg and Paul Miller; Associate Sound Design: Peter Hylenski and Automated Lighting Programmer: Josh Weitzman

Company Manager: Kimberly Kelley; Assistant Company Manager: Allison Rabenau; Production Stage Manager: Steven Zweigbaum; Technical Supervisor: David Bradford; Stage Manager: Rolt Smith; Assistant Stage Manager: Kari Thompson; Casting: Jay Binder; Marketing Consultant: Margery Singer; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin /; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Dance Captain: Liam Burke and Jennie Ford; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Production Property Supervisor: Laura Koch; Photographer: Joan Marcus

Musical Supervisor: David Chase; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by David Chase; Associate Conductor: Robert Berman; Assistant Conductor: James Baker; Trombone: Dick Clark and Kenneth Finn; Bass Trombone/Tuba: Matthew Ingman; Trumpet: Danny Cahn, John Dent and Wayne J. du Maine; French Horn: Chris Komer; Woodwinds: Andrew Sterman, Tony Brackett, Chuck Wilson, Rick Heckman and Mark Thrasher; Violin: Paul Woodiel; Cello: Sarah Carter; Drums: Dave Ratajczak; Percussion: James Baker; Bass: Richard Sarpola; Harp: Grace Paradise; Piano: Robert Berman; Management Associate: Robert Pullen, Sally Campbell Morse, Robert C. Strickstein and Staci Levine.

Major star replacements as Harold Hill included Eric McCormack (May 08, 2001 – Aug 05, 2001) and Robert Sean Leonard (Aug 07, 2001 – Dec 30, 2001)

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