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Music Theatre International (MTI)

For nearly a decade, I was engaged as a consultant to Music Theatre International to create a web presence for MTI, and develop individual themes for licensing of major properties.

The site developed initially as a static HTML, and then quickly moved to a full database enabled licensing centre, allowing thousands of customers to securely access their licensing information and purchase or rent materials including study guides.  Multiple theatrical resources were featured along with detailed show information, streaming video (at the birth of video online), along with simplification (and education) of licensing intellectual property works for over 175 shows.

Separate from (the main site), other sub sites included the Broadway Junior, Kids Collection, Theatre for Young Audiences, Musicals from the Disney Collection and School Editions.   The sites included a private club, exclusive customer offers, quizzes, set & costume rentals, but most importantly customer engagement and a sense of theatrical community.

MTI: Music Theatre International

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