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The Lion King (Broadway)

THE LION KING with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice; additional music & lyrics by Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Hans Zimmer, and a book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi, adapted from the screenplay by Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Nov 13, 1997 and closed on Jun 04, 2006 in order to transfer to the Minskoff Theatre to re-open on Jun 13, 2006

Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions (Peter Schneider and Thomas Schumacher); Associate Producer: Donald B. Frantz replaced by Todd Lacy & Pam Young and in August 2003 replaced again by Aubrey Lynch.

Directed by Julie Taymor; Choreographed by Garth Fagan; Scenic Design by Richard Hudson; Costume Design by Julie Taymor; Lighting Design by Donald Holder; Mask & Puppet Design by Julie Taymor and Michael Curry; Sound Design by Tony Meola; Hair &  Make-Up Design by Michael Ward; Projection Design by Geoff Puckett; Musical Director: Joseph Church; Music orchestrated by Robert Elhai, David Metzger and Bruce Fowler; Music Produced for the Stage and Additional Score by Mark Mancina; Additional Vocal Score and Vocal Arrangements by Lebo M and Rafiki’s chants by Tsidii Le Loka.

Starring Eugene Barry-Hill (Singer), Gina Breedlove (Sarabi / Singer), Camille M. Brown (Dancer), Kevin Cahoon (Ed), Iresol Cardona (Dancer), Max Casella (Timon), Tracy Nicole Chapman (Shenzi), Mark Allan Davis (Dancer), Ntomb’khona Dlamini (Singer), Sheila Gibbs (Singer), Lana Gordon (Dancer), Heather Headley (Nala), Lindiwe Hlengwa (Singer), Geoff Hoyle (Zazu), Timothy Hunter (Dancer), Scott Irby-Ranniar (Young Simba), Christopher Jackson (Singer), Vanessa A. Jones (Singer), Michael Joy (Dancer), Faca Kulu (Singer), Ron Kunene (Singer), Tsidii Le Loka (Rafiki), Aubrey Lynch II (Dancer), Lebo M (Singer), Stanley Wayne Mathis (Banzai), Philip Dorian McAdoo (Singer), Sam McKelton (Singer), Nandi Morake (Singer), S’bu Ngema (One by One Dance / Lioness Chant Vocal / Circle of Life Vocals), Karine Plantadit-Bageot (Dancer), Jason Raize (Simba), Tom Alan Robbins (Pumbaa), Kajuana Shuford (Young Nala), Levensky Smith (Dancer), Ashi K. Smythe (Dancer), Endalyn Taylor-Shellman (Dancer), John Vickery (Scar), Samuel E. Wright (Mufasa) and Christine Yasunaga (Dancer)

Swings: Lindiwe Dlamini, Sonya Leslie, Peter Anthony Moore, Nhlanhla Ngema, Rachel Tecora Tucker and Frank Wright II.

Understudies: Kevin Bailey (Scar), Eugene Barry-Hill (Mufasa), Camille M. Brown (Sarabi, Nala), Kevin Cahoon (Zazu, Timon), Alberto Cruz Jr. (Young Simba), Sheila Gibbs (Rafiki), Lana Gordon (Shenzi), Lindiwe Hlengwa (Rafiki, Nala), Timothy Hunter (Simba), Christopher Jackson (Simba), Vanessa A. Jones (Sarabi, Shenzi), Jennifer Josephs (Young Nala), Sonya Leslie (Nala), Philip Dorian McAdoo (Mufasa, Banzai, Pumbaa), Sindisiwe Nxumalo (Rafiki), Danny Rutigliano (Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa), Levensky Smith (Banzai) and Frank Wright II (Ed).

Associate Music Producer: Robert Elhai; Associate Scenic Design: Peter Eastman and Jonathan Fensom; Associate Costume Design: Mary Nemecek Peterson; Associate Lighting Design: Jeanne Koenig; Scenic Design Assistant: Atkin Pace; Assistant Costume Design: Tracy Dorman; Assistant Lighting Design: Martin Vreeland; Assistant Sound Design: Kai Harada; Automated Lighting Programmer: Aland Henderson; Replacement Resident Director: Deborah Shrimpton and Terry Berliner; Replacement Associate Sound Design: John Shivers; Replacement Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer: Cheryl V. Thomas; Replacement Associate Lighting Design: Carolyn Wong; Replacement Associate Hair and Wig Design: Rowena Hume.

General Manager: Alan Levey; Project Manager: Nina Essman; Company Manager: Steven Chaikelson; New Amsterdam Theatre General Manager: Dana Amendola; Replacement Company Manager: Kathryn Frawley, Sammy Ledbetter, Marshall Jones (Jul 10, 2001 – May 05, 2002), Dave Ehle (May 06, 2002 – Apr 02, 2006), Thomas Schlenk and Christopher Recker. Replacement Assistant Company Manager:Laura Eichholz; Replacement Theatre Manager: John M. Loiacono; Replacement General Manager: Anne Quart; Replacement Project Manager: Todd Lacy.

Technical Director: David Benken; Production Stage Manager: Jeff Lee; Stage Manager: Mahlon Kruse, Elizabeth Burgess, Steve “Doc” Zorthian and Beverly Jenkins. Replacement Production Stage Manager: Elizabeth Burgess and Jimmie Lee Smith; Replacement Stage Manager: Ron Vodicka, Victoria Epstein, Antonia Gianino, Arabella Powell, Jimmie Lee Smith, Carmen Abrazado and Tom Reynolds Replacement Assistant Stage Manager: Kristin Newhouse, Victoria Epstein, Gail Luna, Cody Renard Richard, Arabella Powell, Tom Reynolds and Ellen Mezzera; Replacement Sub Stage Manager: Lynda J. Fox.

Flying by Foy; Casting: Jay Binder; Fight direction by Rick Sordelet; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Dance Captain: Aubrey Lynch II; Logo Design: Fraver; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Photographer: Joan Marcus and Marc Bryan-Brown. Replacement Assistant Dance Captain: Torya and Leonora Stapleton; Replacement Dance Captain: Garland Days; Replacement Fight Captain: Ryan Brooke Taylor and Steven Evan Washington; Replacement Press Associate: Christine Olver.

Choral Director: Lebo M; Conducted by Joseph Church; Associate Conductor: Karl Jurman; Wood Flute Soloist/Flute/Piccolo: David Weiss; Concert Master: Claudia Hafer-Tondi and Sean Carney; Concertmaster: Francisca Mendoza; Violin: Avril Brown; Violin/Viola: Ralph Farris; Cello: Eliana Mendoza and Bruce Wang; Flute/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Bob Keller; French Horn: Katie Dennis, Kait Mahony and Jeff Scott; Trombone: Rock Ciccarone; Bass Trombone/Tuba: George Flynn; Upright & Electric Basses: Luico Hopper; Drums: Tommy Igoe; Guitar: Kevin Kuhn; Mallets/Percussion: Valerie Dee Naranjo and Tom Brett; Percussion: Junior “Gabu” Wedderburn and Rolando Morales-Matos; Synthesizer: Ted Baker; Keyboard Synthesizers: Karl Jurman and Colin Welford; Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller; Music Preparation: Donald Oliver, Evan Morris and Chelsea Music Services, Inc.; Synthesizer Programmer: Ted Baker; Electronic Drum Programmer: Tommy Igoe. Replacement Additional Percussion Arrangements: Valerie Dee Naranjo; Replacement Musical Director: Karl Jurman; Replacement Conductor: Karl Jurman; Replacement Keyboard Synthesizers: Cynthia Kortman; Replacement Upright & Electric Basses: Tom Barney.


Replacement Cast: Jesús Del Orden (Young Simba Alternate), Chinua Baraka Payne (Young SimbaAlternate), Ramon Reed (Young Simba), Kenneth Aikens (Young Simba Alternate), Mikee Castillo (Young Nala Alternate), Don Donohue (Scar), Suri Marrero (Young Nala Alternate), Justin Martin (Young Simba Alternate), Aliya “Jo” Ramey (Young Nala Alternate), Demi Singleton (Young Nala Alternate), Felipe Abrigo (Dancer / Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Simba Shadow Puppet), Michelle Aguilar Camaya (Singer / Gazelle Wheel / Butterflies / Flying Dancer), Caleb Archer (Young SimbaAlternate), Damian Baldet (Timon), Kyle R. Banks (Dancer / Singer), Alexio K. Barboza (Wed. Mat., Thurs., Sat. Mat., Sun. Mat. Young SimbaAlternate), Mykel Bath (Young Simba), Don Bellamy (Dancer / Guinea Fowl / Scar Shadow Puppet / Floor Dancer), Keith Robert Bennett (Banzai), Kristina Michelle Bethel (Ensemble / Ant Hill Lady / Floor Dancer), Bob Bouchard (Pumbaa from Jun 10, 2003), Bill Bowers (Zazu), Elishah Bowman (Stilt Giraffe Cross), John E. Brady (Timon), Kylin Brady (Dancer), Kai Braithwaite (Wed. mat, Thurs. and Fri. eve., Sun. mat Young Simba), Terron Brooks (Ensemble), Camille M. Brown (Fireflies), C.C. Brown (Mufasa), Benjamin Sterling Cannon (Banzai), LaMae Caparas (Ensemble / Gazelle Wheel / Butterflies/ Flying Dancer), Eric L. Christian (Dancer / Gazelle / Acrobatic Trickster/ Stilt Giraffe / Flying Dancer), Jeremy Chu (Young Simba Alternate), Kailani M. Coba (Wed. Mat., Thurs., Sat. Eve., Sun. Eve. Young Nala / Alternate), LaTrisa A. Coleman (Dancer / Ant Hill Lady / Floor Dancer), Tiana Coles (Young Nala), Aaron D. Conley (Wed. Eve., Fri.., Sat. Eve., Sun. Eve. Young Simba / Alternate), Curtiss I’ Cook (Banzai) Clayton Cornelious (Ensemble), Bashirrah Creswell (Nala), Gabriel A. Croom (Ensemble / Stilt Giraffe Cross / Flying Dancer / Stilt Giraffe Cross / Stilt Giraffe Cross), Mark Allan Davis (Buzzard Pole / Scar Shadow Puppet), Bobby Daye (Ensemble), Alex de Castro (Young Nala / Alternate), Ruben L. Delvalle, Jr. (Young Simba),Lindiwe Dlamini (Singer / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Nomvula Dlamini (Rafiki), Ntomb’khona Dlamini (One by One Vocal / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Michelle Dorant (Ensemble), Robert Dorfman (Zazu), Zinhle Dube (Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet / Singer), Bongi Duma (Singer / Circle of Life Vocals / One by One Vocal / One by One Dance), Thuli Dumakude (Wed. eve and Sat mat. / Rafiki / Alternate), Leslie Elliard (Singer), Danny Fetter (Young Simba / Alternate), Ramón Flowers (Dancer), Christopher Freeman (Ensemble / Mouse Shadow Puppet / Gazelle / Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Scar Shadow Puppet / Flying Dancer), Tony Freeman (Zazu), Andrea Frierson-Toney (Singer / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Ian Yuri Gardner (Ensemble), Zipporah G. Gatling (Wed. Eve., Fri., Sat. Eve., Sun. Eve. / Young Nala / Alternate), Sheila Gibbs (Rafiki), Renée Elise Goldsberry (Nala), Lana Gordon (Shenzi / Cheetah), Jean Michelle Grier (Ensemble / Singer), Natalie Guerrero (Young Nala / Alternate), Timothy Gulan (Ed), Jeff Gurner (Ed), Rajonie Hammond (Young Simba / Alternate), Rod Harrelson (Ensemble / Buzzard Pole / Simba Shadow Puppet), Netousha N. Harris (Young Nala / Alternate), Michael A. Henry (Ensemble / Singer), Tom Hewitt (Scar), Lindiwe Hlengwa (Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Jacquelyn Hodges (Shenzi), Charles Holt (Ensemble), Nia Imani Hunter (Young Nala / Alternate), Tra ‘Lynn Husbands (Young Nala / Alternate), Julian Ivey (Young Simba / Alternate), Christopher Jackson (Simba), Joshua J. Jackson (Young Simba / Alternate), Hanifa Jackson-Adderly (Dancer / Dancer), Meena T. Jahi (Sarabi / Singer), Alphonso Romero Jones II (Young Simba / Alternate), Vanessa A. Jones (Shenzi), Ashley Renee Jordan (Young Simba / Alternate / Young Nala / Alternate), Leonard Joseph (Banzai), Michael Joy (Guinea Fowl / Scar Shadow Puppet / Floor Dancer), Joel Karie (Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Scar Shadow Puppet / Pumbaa Pole Puppet / Mouse Shadow Puppet), Keswa (Singer / One by One Vocal / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Pearl Khwezi (Singer / One by One Vocal / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Martin Kildare (Scar), Gregory A. King (Dancer / Buzzard Pole / Simba Shadow Puppet), Nkosi Kress (Dancer / Mouse Shadow Puppet / Gazelle / Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Scar Shadow Puppet / Flying Dancer), Faca Kulu (Circle of Life Vocals / One by One Vocal), Ron Kunene (One by One Dance / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Jason Lewis (Dancer / Stilt Giraffe Cross / Dancer), Lisa Lewis (Cheetah / Nala Pole Puppet / Flying Dancer), Nikki Long (Ensemble), Brian M. Love (Mouse Shadow Puppet), Marque Lynch, Jr. (Ensemble), Sharron Lynn (Dancer), Anthony Manough (Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Brandon Louis Matthieus (Ensemble), Tristin Mays (Young Nala), Philip Dorian McAdoo (Mole), Sheryl McCallum (Ensemble / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Ian Vincent McGinnis (Dancer / Simba Shadow Puppet), Shavar McIntosh (Young Simba / Alternate), Ray Mercer (Ensemble / Simba Shadow Puppet / Acrobatic Trickster / Ensemble / Simba Shadow Puppet / Acrobatic Trickster), Jade Milan (Young Nala / Alternate), Alexander Mitchell (Young Simba),Sinclair Mitchell (One by One Dance), Nhlanhla Ngema (Circle of Life Vocals / Lioness Chant Vocal / One by One Dance), S’bu Ngema (Ensemble / Circle of Life Vocals / Lioness Chant Vocal / One by One Dance / Ensemble / Singer / Lioness Chant Vocal / One by One Dance / Circle of Life Vocals), Clifton Oliver (Simba), Brandon O’Neal (Ensemble / Dancer), Patrick Page (Scar), Evan Dexter Parke (Singer / Simba Shadow Puppet), Imani Parks (Young Nala), Robyn Payne (Sarabi / Ensemble), Ashley Perry (Wed. mat., Thurs. eve., Sat. mat., Sun. eve. / Young Nala / Alternate), Dawn Noel Pignuola (Ensemble), Shereen Pimentel (Young Nala), Yael Pineda-Hall (Singer / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Cameron Pow (Zazu), Jordan Puryear (Young Nala), Cinda RamSeur (Singer), Mary Randle (Nala), Sabrina Reitman (Young Nala / Alternate), Jacqueline Rene (Ensemble / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Angelo Rivera (Ensemble), David “Dakota” Sanchez (Wed. and Fri. eve., Sat. mat., Sun. eve. / Young Simba / Alternate), India Scandrick (Young Nala / Alternate), Mpume Sikakane (Singer / Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Kissy Simmons (Nala), Marlayna Sims (Shenzi), Jarrell J. Singleton (Young Simba / Alternate), Jeff Skowron (Ed), Derek Smith (Scar), Keena Smith (Ensemble / Flying Dancer), Ashi K. Smythe (Acrobatic Trickster), Adam Stein (Zazu), Sophia N. Stephens (Ensemble), Maralyn Syms (Shenzi), Jeremiah Tatum (Dancer / Steven Taylor / Ensemble), Ryan Brooke Taylor (Dancer / Guinea Fowl / Scar Shadow Puppet / Floor Dancer), Endalyn Taylor-Shellman (Ant Hill Lady / Floor Dancer), Torya (Ensemble), Josh Tower (Simba), Halle Vargas Sullivan (Young Nala / Alternate), Shonte Walker (Dancer), Nayo K. Wallace (Sarabi), Thom Christopher Warren (Ed), Steven Evan Washington (Dancer / Gazelle / Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Scar Shadow Puppet / Flying Dancer / Simba Shadow Puppet), Rema Webb (Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet), Alton Fitzgerald White (Mufasa), Denise Marie Williams (Sarabi), Kenny Redell Williams (Ensemble / Giraffe Shadow Puppet / Scar Shadow Puppet / Pumbaa Pole Puppet), Leonard Wooldridge (Singer / Simba Shadow Puppet / Pumbaa Pole Puppet), Camille Workman (Dancer), Christine Yasunaga (Gazelle Wheel / Butterflies / Flying Dancer), Valencia Yearwood (Dancer / Nala Pole Puppet / Flying Dancer), Sharon L. Young (Nala), Zulu-Lava (Singer)

Replacement Swings: Kyle R. Banks, Sophina Brown, Garland Days, Michelle Dorant, C. Ross Edwards, Ross Edwards, Angelica Edwards Patterson, Christopher Freeman, Ian Yuri Gardner, Rod Harrelson, Jennifer Harrison Newman, Dameka Hayes, Duane Lee Holland, Christine Hollingsworth, Tony James,Dennis Johnston, Cornelius Jones Jr., Erika LaVonn, Abdul Latif, Gary Lewis, Jason Lewis, Brian M. Love, Dennis Lue, Anthony Manough, Sinclair Mitchell, James A. Pierce III, Jacqueline Rene, Leonora Stapleton, Sophia N. Stephens, Toryaand Lisa Nicole Wilkerson

Replacement Standby: Mark Deklin (Scar, Pumbaa), Mel Johnson, Jr. (Mufasa), Jack Koenig (Scar, Pumbaa) and Thom Christopher Warren (Scar, Timon, Zazu)

Replacement Understudies: Jeff Binder (Scar), John E. Brady (Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa), Kylin Brady (Nala), C.C. Brown (Mufasa, Scar), Eric L. Christian (Simba), Bashirrah Creswell (Nala), Garland Days (Banzai), Ntomb’khona Dlamini (Rafiki), Michelle Dorant (Shenzi), Ross Edwards (Shenzi), Angelica Edwards Patterson (Shenzi, Rafiki), Tony Freeman (Scar), Andrea Frierson-Toney (Rafiki), Ian Yuri Gardner (Ed), Lana Gordon (Nala), Jean Michelle Grier (Sarabi), Jeff Gurner (Zazu, Timon), Rod Harrelson (Simba), Michael A. Henry (Scar, Mufasa), Marva Hicks (Rafiki), Timothy Hunter (Ed), Dennis Johnston (Ed, Simba), Cornelius Jones Jr. (Banzai, Ed, Simba), Pearl Khwezi (Nala, Rafiki), Martin Kildare (Scar), Erika LaVonn (Nala), Brian M. Love (Simba), Anthony Manough (Banzai),Brandon Louis Matthieus (Simba), Sheryl McCallum (Rafiki, Sarabi), Selloane A. Nkhela (Nala), Evan Dexter Parke (Mufasa, Scar), Yael Pineda-Hall (Rafiki), Jacqueline Rene (Nala, Sarabi), Enrique Segura (Timon, Zazu), Mpume Sikakane (Rafiki), Jeff Skowron (Zazu, Timon), Sophia N. Stephens (Shenzi, Nala), L. Steven Taylor (Mufasa), Torya (Sarabi), Rick Wasserman (Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa), Rema Webb (Shenzi, Rafiki, Nala), Lisa Nicole Wilkerson (Shenzi, Nala), Kenny Redell Williams (Banzai), Leonard Wooldridge (Ed) and Frank Wright II (Mufasa)

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The Lion King

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Tony Awards logoTony Awards and Nominations:

Best Musical (The Lion KingTony Award Winner); Best Featured Actor in a Musical (Samuel E. Wright); Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Tsidii Le Loka); Best Director of a Musical (Julie TaymorTony Award Winner); Best Book (Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi); Best Score (lyrics and music by Elton John, Tim Rice, Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Hans Zimmer); Best Orchestrations (Robert Elhai, David Metzger and Bruce Fowler); Best Scenic Designer (Richard HudsonTony Award Winner); Best Costume Designer (Julie TaymorTony Award Winner); Best Lighting Designer (Donald HolderTony Award Winner); Best Choreographer (Garth FaganTony Award Winner)

New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award:

Best Musical (1997–1998) (The Lion King)

Musical Numbers

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all lyrics by Tim Rice and all music by Elton John.

Act One:

“Circle of Life” (Tsidii Le Loka, Ensemble); “The Morning Report” (Geoff Hoyle, Scott Irby-Ranniar, Samuel E. Wright); “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” (Scott Irby-Ranniar, Kajuana Shuford, Geoff Hoyle, Ensemble); “Chow Down” (Tracy Nicole Chapman, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Kevin Cahoon); “They Live in You” (lyric and music by Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M) (Samuel E. Wright, Ensemble); “Be Prepared” (John Vickery, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Kevin Cahoon, Ensemble); “Be Prepared” (reprise) (John Vickery, Ensemble); “Hakuna Matata” (Max Casella, Tom Alan Robbins, Scott Irby-Ranniar, Jason Raize, Ensemble)

Act Two:

“One by One” (lyric and music by Lebo M) (Ensemble); “The Madness of King Scar” (John Vickery, Geoff Hoyle, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Kevin Cahoon, Heather Headley); “Shadowland” (lyric by Mark Mancina and Lebo M, music by Hans Zimmer and Lebo M) (Heather Headley, Tsidii de Loka, Ensemble); “Endless Night” (lyric by Julie Taymor, music by Hans Zimmer, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M) (Jason Raize, Ensemble); “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” (Max Casella, Tom Alan Robbins, Jason Raize, Heather Headley, Ensemble); “He Lives in You” (lyric and music by Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M) (reprise version of “They Live in You”) (Tsidii de Loka, Jason Raize, Ensemble); “King of Pride Rock” (lyric by Lebo M, music by Hans Zimmer) and reprise of “Circle of Love” (Ensemble);

Note: The program also listed three other numbers, “Grassland Chant” and “Lioness Chant” (lyric and music by Lebo M) and “Rafiki’s Chants” (lyric and music by Tsidii Le Loka).

For fun, here is my parody of THE LION KING from early 2020

Parody... Lying King Re imagined Poster

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