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Kiss Me Kate (Broadway)

Kiss Me, Kate (Broadway, West End & Tour)

KISS ME, KATE with music & lyrics by Cole Porter; book by Sam Spewack and Bella Spewack at Broadway’s Martin Beck Theatre, ran for 881 performances and 28 previews which began October 25, 1999, opened on November 18, 1999 and closed on December 30, 2001. Loosely based on “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare.

Produced by Roger Berlind and Roger Horchow. Associate Producer: Richard Goodwin and Edwin W. Schloss

Directed by Michael Blakemore; Choreographed by Kathleen Marshall; Scenic Design by Robin Wagner; Costume Design by Martin Pakledinaz; Lighting Design by Peter Kaczorowski; Sound Design by Tony Meola; Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Uncredited contributions by John Guare; Orchestrations by Don Sebesky; Dance Arrangements by David Chase and Musical Direction by Paul Gemignani.

Starring Marin Mazzie (Lilli Vanessi / Katharine, Oct 25, 1999 – May 27, 2001), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Fred Graham / Petruchio, Oct 25, 1999 – Jan 28, 2001), Michael Berresse (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio, Oct 25, 1999 – Aug 19, 2001), Ron Holgate (Harrison Howell), John Horton (Harry Trevor / Baptista), Adriane Lenox (Hattie), Stanley Wayne Mathis (Paul), Michael Mulheren (Second Man), Amy Spanger (Lois Lane / Bianca, Oct 25, 1999 – Apr 22, 2001), Lee Wilkof (First Man), Eric Michael Gillett (Ralph / Stage Manager / Ensemble), Patty Goble (Ensemble), Blake Hammond (Philip / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), JoAnn M. Hunter (Ensemble), Darren Lee (Hortensio – Second Suitor / “Taming of the Shrew” player /Ensemble), Nancy Lemenager (Ensemble), Michael X. Martin (Haberdasher / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Kevin Neil McCready (Gremio – First Suitor / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Carol Lee Meadows (Ensemble), Elizabeth Mills (Ensemble), Linda Mugleston (Ensemble), Robert Ousley (Pops / Stage Doorman / Ensemble), Vince Pesce (Gregory / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Cynthia Sophiea (Ensemble) and Jerome Vivona (Cab Driver / Nathaniel / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble)

Star replacements included Carolee Carmello (Lilli Vanessi / Katharine, May 29, 2001 – Dec 30, 2001) and Burke Moses (Fred Graham / Petruchio, Jan 30, 2001 – Dec 30, 2001)

Swings: Paula Leggett Chase and T. Oliver Reid

Standby: Merwin Foard (Fred Graham / Petruchio, Petruchio, Harrison Howell)

Understudies: Patty Goble (Lilli Vanessi / Katharine), Blake Hammond (First Man, Second Man), JoAnn M. Hunter (Lois Lane / Bianca), Nancy Lemenager (Lois Lane / Bianca), Michael X. Martin (Fred Graham / Petruchio, Second Man, Harrison Howell), Kevin Neil McCready (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Robert Ousley (Harry Trevor / Baptista), Vince Pesce (Hortensio – Second Suitor), T. Oliver Reid (Paul, Hortensio – Second Suitor, Gremio – First Suitor), Cynthia Sophiea (Hattie) and Jerome Vivona (Gremio – First Suitor)

Cast replacements included Walter Charles (Harrison Howell), Mamie Duncan-Gibbs (Hattie), David Elder (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio, Sep 19, 2000 – Dec 17, 2000), Herb Foster (Harry Trevor / Baptista), JoAnn M. Hunter (Lois Lane / Bianca, Apr 24, 2001 – Jun 17, 2001), Janine LaManna (Lois Lane / Bianca, Jun 19, 2001 – Dec 30, 2001), Michael McCormick (First Man), Kevin Neil McCready (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio, Aug 21, 2000 – Sep 17, 2000 and Dec 19, 2000 – Dec 30, 2001), Brad Anderson (Gremio (First Suitor) / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Michael Arnold (Cab Driver / Nathaniel / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Bill Brassea (The Ensemble), Jeffrey Broadhurst (The Ensemble / Hortensio (Second Suitor) / “Taming of the Shrew” player), Christopher Coucill (Harrison Howell), Eugene Fleming (Paul), Merwin Foard (Harrison Howell), Lisa Gajda (Ensemble), Michael Gruber (Hortensio (Second Suitor) / “Taming of the Shrew” player / Ensemble), Joan Hess (Ensemble), Ashley Hull (Ensemble), Nadine Isenegger (Ensemble), Lorin Latarro (Ensemble), Kevin Ligon (Ensemble / Philip / “Taming of the Shrew” player), John MacInnis (Hortensio (Second Suitor) / “Taming of the Shrew” player), Corinne Melançon (Ensemble), Max Perlman (Ensemble / Philip / “Taming of the Shrew” player, Nov 01, 2001 – Jan 01, 2002), Vince Pesce (Dancer / Dance Captain), Laura Schutter (Ensemble), Lee A. Wilkins (Ensemble / Cab Driver / Nathaniel / “Taming of the Shrew” player, circa. Apr 2001 – Dec 30, 2001) and Lee Wilkof (First Man).

Swing replacements included: Tripp Hanson, Derric Harris, John MacInnis, Lisa A. Mayer, Christopher Morgan, Marisa Rozek and Laura Schutter

Understudy replacements included: Brad Anderson (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Michael Arnold (First Man, Gremio (First Suitor)), Jeffrey Broadhurst (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Tripp Hanson (Gremio (First Suitor), First Man), Joan Hess (Hattie), Harrison Howell (Second Man), Ashley Hull (Lois Lane / Bianca), Lorin Latarro (Lois Lane / Bianca), Darren Lee (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Kevin Ligon (Harry Trevor / Baptista, First Man, Second Man), John MacInnis (Hortensio (Second Suitor), Gremio (First Suitor), Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Carol Lee Meadows (Lois Lane / Bianca), Corinne Melançon (Hattie), Christopher Morgan (Paul), Linda Mugleston (Lilli Vanessi / Katharine, Hattie), Vince Pesce (Paul, Bill Calhoun / Lucentio, Paul) and Lee A. Wilkins (Gremio (First Suitor))

Associate Choreographer: Rob Ashford; Associate Scenic Design: David Peterson; Associate Costume Design: Marion Williams; Assistant Costume Design: Eden Miller and Kristian Kraai; Assistant to Mr. Pakledinaz: Juliet Ouyoung; Assistant Lighting Design: Traci Klainer and Michael P. Jones; Moving Light Programmer: Josh Weitzman and Kai Harada and Make-Up Design by Angelina Avallone

General Manager: 101 Productions, Ltd.; Company Manager: Ron Gubin (later replaced by Bruce Klinger); Associate Company Manager: Elie Landau (later replaced by Heidi Neven); Production Supervisor: Steven Zweigbaum; Production Manager: Arthur Siccardi; Production Stage Manager: Àra Marx; Stage Manager: Àra Marx (later replaced by Elaine Bayless); Assistant Stage Manager: Elaine Bayless (later replaced by Pat Sosnow and Scott Pegg); Special Effects by Chic Silber; Associate Special Effects: Bill McComb; Flying effects provided by ZFX, Inc. Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: TMG Marketing & Publicity; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin /; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc.; Fight direction by B. H. Barry; Dance Captain: Carol Lee Meadows; Dance Captain: Vince Pesce; Assistant Dance Captain: John MacInnis; Promotions/Marketing: Keith Hurd; Press Associate: Amy Jacobs and Juliana Hannett

Conducted by Paul Gemignani; Associate Conductor: Mark Mitchell; Assistant Conductor: Annbritt Gemmer; Concertmistress: Suzanne Ornstein; Keyboard: Mark Mitchell; Violin: Suzanne Ornstein and Xin Zhao; Viola/Violin: Richard Brice; Cello: Igor Scedrov; Woodwind #1: Dennis Anderson; Woodwind #2: Eric Weidman; Woodwind #3: Charles Pillow; Woodwind #4: Don McGeen; Trumpet #1: Dominic Derasse; Trumpet #2: Larry Lunetta; Trombone: Bruce Eidem; French Horn: Ronald Sell; Drums/Percussion: Paul Pizzuti; Bass: John Beal; Synthesizer Programmer: Bruce Samuels