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The King and I (Broadway)

The King and I (Broadway & Tour)

The Broadway revival of The King and I with music by Richard Rodgers with book & lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II opened on April 11, 1996 and ran for 780 performances (and 27 previews) until February 22, 1998 at the Neil Simon Theatre. Based upon the novel “Anna and the King of Siam” by Margaret Landon.

Produced by Dodger Theatricals, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, James M. Nederlander, Perseus Productions, John Frost and The Adelaide Festival Centre. Produced in association with The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization; Associate Producer: Abbey Butler, Melvyn J. Estrin and Hal Luftig. Executive Producer: Dodger Productions.

Directed by Christopher Renshaw; Choreographed by Jerome Robbins; Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett; Musical Director: Michael Rafter; Additional orchestrations by Bruce Coughlin; Musical staging by Lar Lubovitch; Scenic Design by Brian Thomson; Costume Design by Roger Kirk; Lighting Design by Nigel Levings; Sound Design by Tony Meola and Lewis Mead; Hair and Wig Design by David H. Lawrence.

Starring Donna Murphy (Anna Leonowens, Mar 19, 1996 – Mar 21, 1997), Lou Diamond Phillips (The King of Siam, Mar 19, 1996 – Jun 15, 1997), John Chang (Prince Chulalongkorn), Joohee Choi (Tuptim), John Curless (Captain Orton), Ryan Hopkins (Louis Leonowens), Randall Duk Kim (The Kralahome), Taewon Kim (Lady Thiang), Jose Llana (Lun Tha, Mar 19, 1996 – Jun 29, 1997), Guy Paul (Sir Edward Ramsey, Mar 19, 1996 – Jun 1997), Tito Abeleda (Ensemble, Simon of Legree, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), John Bantay (Ensemble, Dog, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Kelly Jordan Bit (Fan Dancer, Royal Child), Lexine Bondoc (Princess Yaowlak, Royal Child), Kailip Boonrai (Royal Child), Camille M. Brown (Ensemble, Archer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Benjamin Bryant (Ensemble, Propman, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet, Mar 19, 1996 – Jun 29, 1997), Meng-Chen Chang (Ensemble, Angel George, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Kam Cheng (Ensemble, Singer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Vivian Eng (Ensemble, Archer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Lydia Gaston (Ensemble), Margaret Ann Gates (Ensemble, Singer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), C. Sean Kim (Ensemble, Guard, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Shawn Ku (Ensemble, Guard, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Jacqueline Te Lem (Royal Child), Erik Lin-Greenberg (Royal Child), Doan MacKenzie (Ensemble, Dog, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Kenji Miyata (Royal Child), Paolo Montalban (Ensemble, Propman, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Alan Muraoka (The Interpreter, Ensemble, Propman, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Paul Nakauchi (Ensemble, Propman, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Brandon Marshall Ngai (Royal Child), Tina Ou (Ensemble, Topsy, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Andrew Pacho (Ensemble, Guard, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Mami Saito (Ensemble, Uncle Thomas, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Lainie Sakakura (Ensemble, Archer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Amy Y. Tai (Royal Child), Tran T. Thuc Hanh (Ensemble, Little Eva, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Carol To (Ensemble, Singer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Yolanda Tolentino (Ensemble, Singer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Jenna Noelle Ushkowitz (Royal Child), Shelby Rebecca Wong (Royal Child), Jeff G. Yalun (Royal Child), Yan Ying (Ensemble, Eliza, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Kayoko Yoshioka (Ensemble, Archer, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet), Greg Zane (Ensemble, Dog, “Small House of Uncle Thomas” Ballet).

Star replacements included: in the role of Anna Leonowens, Faith Prince (Mar 22, 1997 – Dec 14, 1997) and Marie Osmond (Dec 19, 1997 – Feb 22, 1998), and in the role of The King of Siam, Kevin Gray (Jun 17, 1997 – Feb 22, 1998).

Swings: John Bantay (Partial Swing), Lydia Gaston (Partial Swing), Jonathan Giordano, Devanand N. Janki, Susan Kikuchi , Shawn Ku and Joan Tsao, and Standby: Raul Aranas (The King of Siam).

Understudies: Benjamin Bryant (Lun Tha), Kam Cheng (Tuptim), John Curless (Sir Edward Ramsey), Lydia Gaston (Lady Thiang), Jonathan Giordano (Louis Leonowens), Barbara McCulloh (Anna Leonowens), Paolo Montalban (Lun Tha), Alan Muraoka (The Kralahome), Paul Nakauchi (The King of Siam, The Kralahome), Guy Paul (Captain Orton), Carol To (Tuptim) and Yolanda Tolentino (Lady Thiang),

Associate Costume Design: Nancy Palmatier; Associate Scenic Design: Patrick Fahey; Associate Lighting Design: Michael Baldassari and Associate Sound Design: Jason P. Krueger.

Production Stage Manager: Frank Hartenstein (later replaced by Karen Armstrong); Production Supervisor: Aurora Productions and Gene O’Donovan; Stage Manager: Karen Armstrong; Assistant Stage Manager: Kelly Martindale and Donna A. Drake (and later Tripp Phillips).

General Manager: David, Strong, Warner, Inc.; Associate General Manager: Robert C. Strickstein; Company Manager: Sandra Carlson; Assistant Company Manager: Matthew Shepherd;

Casting: Jay Binder; Jerome Robbins’ choreography supervised by Susan Kikuchi; Dialect Coach: Deborah Hecht; Dance Captain: Susan Kikuchi; Assistant to the Director: Jonathan Bernstein; Asst. to the Choreographer: Scott Rink and Rebecca Rigert; Assistant Dance Captain: Shawn Ku; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Marketing: Dodger Marketing; Online Marketing: Toby Simkin; Marketing Consultant: Margery Singer; Advertising: Serino Coyne, Inc. and National Tour Press Representative: Joyce Friedmann.

Musical Supervisor: Eric Stern; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Michael Rafter; Associate Conductor: Cherie Rosen; Concert Master: Martin Agee; Flute: Helen Campo; Oboe: Rich Dallessio; Clarinet: Jon Manasse, Larry Guy and Anthony Bracket; Bassoon: Kim Laskowski; Trumpet: Alex Holten and Chuck Olsen; French Horn: Kaitilin Mahoney and Alexandra Cook; Trombone: Dick Clark; Trombone/Tuba: Jeff Caswell; Violin: Roy Lewis, Darryl Kubian and Shinwon Kim; Viola: Crystal Garner; Cello: Stephanie Cummins and Sarah Carter; Bass: Bill Ellison; Harp: Victoria Drake; Percussion: James Baker; Keyboard: Cherie Rosen and Music Preparation: Miller Music Services.

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The King and I Synopsis

Anna is a widowed British schoolteacher brought to Siam to tutor the King’s many children. When she arrives, though she enjoys an instant connection to the students, she struggles with cultural differences and with the headstrong King. Through her kindness and persistence, Anna eventually connects with the King, helping to fuel mutual feelings of social understanding and cultural acceptance and openness.

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