Kat and the Kings (Broadway)

Kat and the Kings (Broadway)

KAT AND THE KINGS with book & lyrics by David Kramer and music by Taliep Petersen opened on Broadway at the Cort Theatre on Aug 19, 1999 and closed on Jan 02, 2000 after 15 previews and 157 performances.

Produced by Harriet Newman Leve, Judith Rosenbauer and David Rosenbauer; Produced in association with Richard Frankel, Marc Routh, Willette Klausner, Kardana-Swinsky Productions, David Kramer, Taliep Petersenand Renaye Kramer; Produced by special arrangement with Paul Elliott, Nick Salmon and Lee Menzies; Associate Producer: Patrick Molony

Directed by David Kramer; Musical Staging by David Kramer; Choreographed by Jody J. Abrahams and Loukmaan Adams; Scenic Design by Saul Radomsky; Costume Design by Saul Radomsky; Lighting Design by Howard Harrison; Sound Design by Orbital Sound and Sebastian Frost; Music arranged by Taliep Petersen; Musical Director: Jeff Lams.

Starring Jody J. Abrahams (Young Kat Diamond), Loukmaan Adams (Bingo), Junaid Booysen (Ballie), Terry Hector (Kat Diamond), Alistair Izobell (Magoo) and Kim Louis (Lucy Dixon).

Understudies: E. Clayton Cornelious (Ballie, Magoo, Bingo), Pia Glenn (Lucy Dixon), Alistair Izobell (Young Kat Diamond) and Rudy Roberson (Kat Diamond).

Associate Lighting Design: Andrew Voeller; Assistant Lighting Design: Jeffrey M. Whitsett.

General Manager: Richard Frankel Productions and David W. Caldwell; Company Manager: Steven H. David

Technical Supervisor: Peter Fulbright, Elliot Bertoni, Eric Hansen and Tech Production Services, Inc.; Production Stage Manager: Pat Sosnow; Stage Manager: Paul J. Smith; Assistant Stage Manager: Laurie Goldfeder.

US Casting: Jay Binder; General Press Representative: Helene Davis Publicity; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; Marketing/Promotions: TMG – The Marketing Group; Marketing Consultant: Marcia Pendelton; Online Marketing by Toby Simkin / BuyBroadway Online Inc.; Promotions: Leanne Schanzer; Photographer: Jill Furman and Johan Wilke.

Musical Supervisor: Gary Hind; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Jeff Lams; Associate Conductor: Francisco Contento; Keyboard: Jeff Lams; Guitar: Jerome Harris; Bass: Francisco Centeno; Drums: Warren Odze; Sax / Flute: Mark Gross; Trumpet: Ravi Best; Music Copying: Emily Grishman.

Dedicated to Salie Daniels.

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Kat and the Kings is set in late-1950s South Africa, it focuses on teenager Kat Diamond, who believes he’s the best singer and dancer in District Six, a multi-racial slum in Cape Town. With his friends Ballie, Magoo, Bingo, and Lucy, he forms the a cappella group the Cavalla Kings, and the quintet – emulating the American doo wop and rock and roll they adore – becomes a sensation, graduating from street corners to “whites only” nightclubs (where the dictates of apartheid force them to use the rear entrance) and a recording contract.

Kat and the Kings

Kat and the Kings (Broadway) Kat and the Kings (Broadway) Kat and the Kings on BroadwayKat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway Kat and the Kings on Broadway

Musical Numbers

Act One:

Overture (Orchestra); “Memory” (Kim Louis, The Kings); “American Thing” (Terry Hector, Company); “Lucky Day” (Jody J. Abrahams, Terry Hector); “Mavis” (Terry Hector, Loukmaan Adams, Jody J. Abrahams, Junaid Booysen, Alistair Izobell); “Boetie Guitar” (Terry Hector, The Kings); “Cavalla Kings” (Kim Louis, The Kings); “If Your Shoes Don’t Shine” (Terry Hector); “Dress to Kill” (Kim Louis, The Kings); “Shine” (Kim Louis, The Kings); “The Tafelberg Hotel” (Kim Louis, The Kings); “Lonely Girl” (Loukmaan Adams, Alistair Izobell, Terry Hector, Jody J. Abrahams, Junaid Booysen); “Josephine” (Junaid Booysen, The Kings); “Wild Time” (Company)

Act Two:

“Happy to Be Nineteen” (Company); “Lonely Girl” (reprise) (Loukmaan Adams, The Kings); “Oo Wee Bay Bee” (Jody J. Abrahams, The Kings); “Only If You Have a Dream” (Kim Louis, Alistair Izobell); “The Last Thing You Need” (Jody J. Abrahams, Loukmann Adams, Alistair Izobell, Junaid Booysen); “Stupid Boy” (Terry Hector); The Claridges Hotel Medley: “Cavalla Kings” (reprise) (The Kings); “The Singing Sensation” (Jody J. Abrahams, Kim Louis, The Kings); “The Bell Hop” (Loukmaan Adams, The Kings); “Blind Date” (Alistair Izobell); “Lonely Girl” (reprise) (Kim Louis, The Kings); “The Invisible Dog” (Loukmaan Adams, The Kings); “Hey Baby” (J. Jody Abrahams, The Kings); “Cavalla Kings” (reprise) (Kim Louis, The Kings); “Skeleton Dance” (The Kings); “Lagunya” (Loukmaan Adams, Junaid Booysen, J. Jody Abrahams, Alistair Izobell); and “Lucky Day” (reprise) (J. Jody Abraham, Kings); Finale: “The Singing Sensation” (reprise) (J. Jody Abrahams, The Kings); “Hey Baby” (reprise) (Alistair Izobell, The Kings); “We Were Rocking” (Terry Hector, Company); “Lagunya” (reprise) (Loukmaan Adams, Company); and “Wild Time” (reprise) (Company)

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